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Megan Hilty talks blond moments, beauty favorites

The singer spills on why she loves being a blonde, her favorite flaxen-haired celebrity and her beauty must-haves. Listen in!

Megan Hilty

“Blond isn’t just a hair color — it’s a lifestyle!” Smash starlet Megan Hilty tells SheKnows. We caught up with the golden girl as she celebrated Blonde Appreciation Month with John Frieda in NYC to find out if blondes really do have more fun and to get the beauty and style scoop from the actress.

SheKnows: What’s your favorite part about being a blonde?

Megan Hilty: I actually like that we’re kind of high maintenance! I like going in and getting refreshed every five or six weeks and I love that feeling of coming out of the salon when you’re feeling totally fresh and that’s why I love the John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoos and conditioners because it preserves that fresh-from-the-salon feeling.

SK: Do you think there’s any downside to being a blonde or bad stereotypes out there?

MH: Yes, but it’s also what I love about being a blonde because you do have all those stereotypes, but then you get to prove them wrong. It’s been my whole career to play blond characters that you think are one way, but really are the ones controlling the world!

SK: Ever have blond moments yourself?

MH: Tons! I have blond moments every day. I think I had one on camera earlier. They were asking me about famous blond quotes and I was like, “I don’t know. I forget!”

SK: Who’s your favorite blond celebrity?

MH: Scarlett Johansson. I really dig her. She seems like one of those people you really could be friends with.

SK: Have you ever had any other hair color but blond?

MH: I was a brunette for about a year and I liked it at first because it was obviously very dramatic. But I started to not feel like myself. So while I’ll totally dye my hair for whatever role, I think this is who I am at my core.

SK: What other beauty products do you love?

Megan Hilty's favorite beauty products

MH: Dr. Hauschka! I love all their organic skin care lines. I always have a Lancome mascara and Chanel lip gloss. If I have those two, I’m ready for the world… as long as I have my lashes, my lips and my hair, then I’m fine.

SK: What summer styles or trends are you loving?

MH: I just found out that chopping all your hair off is a trend! I thought I was doing it just to have a clean, new look, but I’m loving my short hair right now. And I love braids. I wish I could do them! They’re really hard so I have to make friends with someone who can come over and braid my hair.

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Photo credit: Michael Simon

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