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Holiday gift guide for pets

As you make a list of who to shop for this holiday season, don’t forget about your furry friends! Treat your dog or cat to some fun, festive gifts tailored to their personalities. Below is a holiday gift guide for pets that features toys, treats and trendy accessories. With these gift ideas in mind, you’re bound to find a gift that will delight your pet.

Martha Stewart Pets™ clothing from PetSmart

Martha Stewart Pets clothing from PetSmart

Ensure your pet looks fashionably festive this holiday season! PetSmart and Martha Stewart Pets offer a vast collection of stylish holiday sweaters, coats, shirts, and even pajamas and dresses that would look adorable on dogs of many sizes and breeds. Depending on the personalities of you and your pet, you can adorn your dog in casual cool looks such as the Martha Stewart Pets Puffer Coat or cute, costume-like clothing like the Martha Stewart Pets Elf Hoodie.

Martha Stewart Pets™ toys from PetSmart

Martha Stewart Pets toys from PetSmart

After picking out pet clothing, you can begin shopping for the items your pet will play with throughout the holiday season. In addition to holiday-themed clothing, PetSmart also offers holiday-themed pet toys. Cats will enjoy the Martha Stewart Pets Holiday Mouse in Gift, a toy filled with catnip, while dogs will delight in playing tug-of-war with the Martha Stewart Pets Gingerbread Rope.

Pet beds from Muttropolis

Pet beds from Muttropolis

With a new bed from Muttropolis, your pet can start snoozing in style. Muttropolis offers sofa-like pet beds in a variety of colors and prints that align with current geometric trends in home decor. Not only will these beds appeal to dogs who love to snuggle in a special spot, they’ll look fabulous in your home — unlike other bulky, bland beds that tend to be eyesores.

Gourmet treats from Maggie Wags

Gourmet treats from Maggie Wags

While you’re nibbling on Christmas cookies, your dog can enjoy his or her own holiday-themed snacks. Maggie Wags offers a collection of holiday dog treats, such as ginger snaps cookies; peanut butter bones cookies; and cookies decorated to look like snowmen, snowflakes, stockings and more. These treats are affordable and adorable as they are decorated to resemble all of the sweet snacks you’ll be baking throughout the holiday season.

Orbee Mints from Trixie and Peanut

Orbee Mints from Trixie and Peanut

Peppermints are particularly popular during the holiday season, so now is the perfect time to give your pet an Orbee Mint from Trixie and Peanut. Not only do these toys resemble a bright, bold peppermint, they’ve been scented to smell like one too.

Dry Clean Spray from Pet Head'

Dry Clean Spray from Pet Head

Does your pet loathe bath time? If so, consider picking up the Dry Clean Spray from Pet Head. This nonrinsing, spray shampoo will clean your pet’s coat without water and will leave your pet smelling like blueberry muffins. With an item like this, your pet can freshen up without having to take a full bath — something beneficial to both of you!

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