Super Bowl Face Painting: Packers and Steelers

Feb 1, 2011 at 5:55 p.m. ET

Are you gearing up for a family Super Bowl party? Once you have your team jerseys, pom-poms, and munchies ready, you need a kid-friendly activity to pep everyone up! We’ll show you how in this easy step-by-step tutorial for face painting.

Head to your local craft store for a face painting kit. They are usually next to the Crayola® products and come in a variety of colors.

Traditional colors will work best for this year's Super Bowl teams, the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Most face painting kits require a dab or two of water to prepare the paintbrush and paints for vibrant colors.

Face Paint for Super Bowl

Step 1:

We used the teams' logos for this tutorial, but get creative and add footballs or pom-poms for girls! Tip: Always practice on scrap paper until you get your drawing just the way you want it!

Step 2:

Draw the outline of your logos on the child's cheek to be sure spacing is correct. A bit of soap and water will easily remove the paint if you make a mistake. We started with three stars for the Steelers and the outline of a "G" for the Packers.

Green Bay Face Paint Example

Steelers Face Paint Example

Step 3:

Fill in the drawings and add any last minute decorations. The Pittsburgh Steelers' logo is yellow, red, and blue stars with "Steelers" written in black. The Green Bay Packers' logo is a white "G" outlined in dark green and a thin yellow line. Add a football or a pom-pom on the other cheek if you want! There are no referees in this game!

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Face Paint

Steelers Face Paint Example

Step 4:

Cheer on your favorite team! The kids will be cheering in style with their football-painted faces! Serve up some football munchies, toy footballs, and cheerleader pom-poms and your kids will be all set for your 2011 Super Bowl party!


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