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The stuff of my dreams: diary of a real housewife


If I were Oprah and could afford to give everyone I know my favorite things right now, I would give the following to you, my friends:

The Stuff of My Dreams: Diary of a real HousewifePalmolive Oxy Plus Dishwashing Liquid1. Palmolive® Oxy Plus® dishwashing liquid.

It smells really good and clean and melts grease very well. I am in love with this product. OK, I wash my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher, but my dishwasher is old and I hate spots on stuff.


BATH AND BODY WORKS' ANTI-BACTERIAL COCONUT LIME VERBENA DEEP-CLEANSING HAND SOAP2. Bath and Body Works’ Anti-Bacterial Coconut Lime Verbena Deep-Cleansing Hand Soap.

I love the tropical lime smell. I buy this stuff by the case. It makes my hands feel clean and it’s a nice welcome to guests in the bathroom. Now you are probably thinking I’m afraid of germs. I’m not, even though I refuse to sleep on hotel bedding and I clean the hotel bathtub before I use it. Yes, bleach is my best friend.


OLD NAVY T-SHIRTS AND JEANS3. Old Navy T-shirts and jeans.

They’re cheap, in style, and unpretentious. I wait for sales and then buy several of each color and style. They have every style and the jeans really stretch which is awesome, of course.

4. Bensimon tennis shoes.


These are made by a French designer and company, they’re not really expensive and they feel light and comfortable on my old feet. They come in tan and brown and can be high-top or regular. They make me feel kind of, you know…French. Bridgette Bardot used to wear them; she was cool, minus the split ends.


5. Piperlime.


The best and fastest place to order shoes online. I ordered some shoes the other day and they were here in two days. Plus, they have a really special way of wrapping your shoes…a lot of cute paper and boxes.




They have everything, I mean everything, like weird parts for your car or your refrigerator, not to mention cool, cheap reading material. I am crazy for their used books and CDs. Oh, I mean Kindle downloads and music downloads; dating myself again.


MY DROID X PHONE7. My Droid X phone.

It’s like a little computer. This thing has totally changed my life, plus it takes better pictures than my camera. It took me a while to figure out, but it’s worth the effort and learning to type on those teeny tiny keys.


PARIS8. Paris.

I love the people, the food, the art, the culture, and the way the city feels. Well, mostly the food…and watching the beautiful people walk around in fashionable clothing and shoes that would kill a large American like myself. Did I mention the pastries…OMG!


ANTIDEPRESSANTS9. Antidepressants.

I have been on them since 2007; I barely get mad at all the people who are out to get me all the time.


MY BICYCLE SEAT10. My bicycle seat.

You would think that the bigger the seat, the more comfortable it would be, but a medium-sized one is better. Once I rode more than 50 miles in 1982.


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