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Recycle Your Christmas Tree with these crafts

The week after the new year finds many of us wallowing in holiday-withdrawal. The parties have past, the presents have been put away and all that’s left is several months of cold weather and gray skies. But before you succumb to the “post-holiday doldrums” that accompany early January, we talked to our friends over at Diggers List for tips on how to recycle your festive trimmings into fabulous decor and home furnishings.

Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Bird Feeder

After the holidays instead of discarding your Douglas fir outside at the curb, decorate it with seeded pinecones, dried fruit and leftover strings of popcorn to create a quasi-aviary in your very own yard. Let your tree bring festive cheer the wildlife in your neighborhood

Decorative side tables

For a hobby wood-worker, it’s simple to hollow out the stump of your live Christmas tree to make a decorative end table or side table. A simple project that will lend to elegant and whimiscal design can look as that is both elegant and whimsical. Be sure to take extra care when working with sharp tools or saws. hollowed out Christmas tree stumps make for elegant and seemingly expensive pendent lighting.

Desk Lamps

This project is a great way to light up the New Year – or as the perfect project for an early January snow day. After removing the tree trunk from the rest of the tree, stain the wood pieces and allow them to dry for several hours before wiring with electricity. Using a store bought socket piece, follow the electrical instructions that came with it to make sure you have the correct positioning of the wires.

SMall Plant COntainers

Hollow out the stumps of live trees to make simple, organic decor, like plant containers for succulents and evergreens. Even though gardening season is a ways in the distance, you can still freshen up your home with winter greenery.

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