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Kitchen stuff to help you cook comfortably

Whether you love to cook or you prepare meals simply as a means to have food that will nourish your body, standing for long periods of time in a hot kitchen can be uncomfortable. Many kitchens and appliances were not designed with ergonomics in mind: cabinets placed higher than you can reach, minimal counter space next to the stove and poor kitchen ventilation are all common complains among home cooks. We tracked down some of the best appliances and gadgets on the market that can help make cooking easier and more comfortable.



You might not think of cooking as a sport but nonetheless, home and profesional cooks are prone to back, knee, hip and foot pain from the long hours they spend standing at the stove. WellnessMats use a unique one piece construction and with a soft inner design structure that serves as a preventative approach against the fatigue and discomfort associated with stationary standing. The technology is designed to interact with the body by suspending your weight, thereby reducing impact on the joints. Your weight will frequently shift and rebalance itself, reducing the stress and strain of many daily activities.


Citrus Squeezer by oxo

Citrus Squeezer by oxo

It’s happened to everyone: you squeeze lemons with your hands and wind up with citrus juice and pits everywhere – maybe even in your face. With a sturdy citrus squeezer constructed of die cast aluminum to absorb pressure and provide a firm grip, your hands won’t slip and slide as you extract the juice from lemon and lime halves. The inside of the squeezer looks like a traditional citrus juicer — you’ll instantly know which way to insert the fruit for ease of use.


KitchenAid Stand MixerKitchenAid Stand Mixer

If you do a lot of baking or scratch cooking, a KitchenAid stand mixer can make your life infinitely easier. Save your arm strength when you mix bread and homemade cookie dough. Not only is it a help for bakers, but you can use it for regular cooking: mixing meatballs, kneading pizza dough and preparing tonight’s dinner.


Chef Knife By CUTCOChef Knife By CUTCO

If you’ve ever cut yourself while cooking, then your knives probably aren’t sharp enough. Either head to your local culinary supply store to have your knives sharpened or invest in a strong chef’s knife for everyday meal preparation. CUTCO Cutlery offers knives with easy, comfortable grips and no-slip ergonomic handles.

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