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Copper Bathroom Fixtures: The Benefits of Copper

Some home improvement trends are transient but others, rooted in history, are here to stay. According to Beau Ralphs, CEO of Premier Copper Products, copper is is one of the most abundant and valued recyclable materials in the world. The durability of copper is such that some of the copper that exists in home appliances today could even date back to Roman times. Besides its natural beauty, copper appeals to home-owners for a variety of reasons.

Coppper Bathroom Fixture


Copper is well known among home improvement experts and designers for its endless ability to regenerate its protective patina, the acidic layer that the copper forms to protect itself.

For example, if you scratch a copper sink with something sharp, the finish will turn from its original color to that of a bright, shiny new penny. Over time, the bright mark will blend back into the sink as the copper generates. In a short time, that bright mark will blend back into the sink.


Not only is copper practical for homes, but it’s attractive, too.

According to Alan Zielinski, Vice President of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, and president and CEO of Better Kitchens Inc. in Niles, IL., copper became a strong trend in kitchen and bath design in 2010. “Hand-hammered copper sinks have become popular among kitchen and bath remodels due to their authentic feel and natural charm,” said Zielinksi. “The rich, low luster of the copper has a warm tone and these high-end basins can add character to any kitchen.”


Copper fixtures are commmon in kitchens and bathrooms, which also happen to be the rooms where the most household bacteria tend to live.

Copper is well-known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Bacteria on copper surfaces are shown to die within hours; on other surfaces the bacteria can live for days. Copper’s antibacterial properties have also been proven to help ward off microorganisms like those that cause Legionnaire’s disease.


If you have porcelain or stainless steel fixtures in your home, odds are you spend a great deal of time working to keep them clean and bleminsh-free. Copper is build with stain-resistant qualities and is simple to maintain and clean. Copper sinks remain relatively spot-free to begin with and keeping them clean only requires mild soap and warm water – no harsh chemicals or environmental pollutants.


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