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Four kitchen looks to abandon right now

Learning about what’s “in” when it comes to kitchen design and décor is easy. You can simply check out magazines such as “Better Homes and Gardens,” catalogs such as “Pottery Barn” or one of the dozens of television shows spotlighting home transformations and room makeovers.

Kitchen Looks to Abandon


Uncovering what’s “out” is a little more tricky. Most publications and shows focus on telling you about the appliances, styles, and décor that work—not those that are outdated and overdone. So how do you determine if your kitchen is due for a facelift?

Here is a list of things that should generally be avoided or transformed, according to home design and décor experts across America. If any of these items can be found in your kitchen, you may want to start brainstorming ideas on how to change them for something more trendy and unique.


The next time you’re in your kitchen, glance around the room. Do your dishtowels, salt and pepper shakers, floor mats, pictures, and other décor create a theme? Perhaps one that involves wine, roosters, chubby chefs, or a café? If the answer is “yes,” then it’s definitely time to restyle your kitchen.

Olga Adler, president of Olga Adler Interiors, says, “Themes are over and passé. The more we travel and the more we are exposed to other cultures, the more we realize that our tastes are much more à la carte than we ever thought. What is really cool these days is to mix, rather than match!”

All White Walls and Cabinets

According to Karen Williams, a kitchen designer and principal of the independent firm, St. Cloud of New York, says, “Too many kitchens default to the overdone safety of all white. Whether people are concerned about resale or just from lack of imagination, homeowners who might have interesting décor elsewhere in the home, cop out with a bland and boring all-white kitchen, devoid of personality and charm.”

She suggests updating this look with subtle splashes of color in places such as the back of a glass cabinet, a kitchen’s center island or a free-standing pantry.

Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Few designers are saying that backsplashes are “out,” but trends are shifting to favor glass tiles over those that are ceramic, according to Jude Golden, director of Design for Yankee Barn Home. He explains that, “The basic solid-color square tiles had their day, but now they appear lackluster and underwhelming. Today’s classic kitchens may incorporate ceramic subway tiles, while the more contemporary kitchens may opt for beautiful glass tiles. There are many gorgeous glass tiles available in so many shapes, colors, and hues. Their translucent quality creates a unique look that I just love.”

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