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Which home décor trends will be hot in 2011?

When brainstorming ideas on how to enhance your home’s look in 2011, it helps to know which décor trends are expected to become more and more popular in the months and years to come. The more aware you are of what’s working for others, the better prepared you’ll be to make decisions and purchases you won’t regret. Being savvy about current décor trends also helps you focus your attention, save money, and channel your style and creativity.

According to interior design experts across the nation, here are four home décor trends on the rise.

Green/Sustainable DesignGreen/sustainable design

Janet Davidsen, ASID, of Details in Design, Inc., expects green/sustainable design to be more popular than ever. She says, “Clients have been hearing about it for several years now and the cost of green design has dropped significantly. It is becoming the new norm.”

Davidsen also says that in addition to becoming more common and affordable, green products are evolving from the plain, minimalist look they’ve typically had to appearing more stylish.


Refurbished Furnishings - Add A MirrorMate® FrameRefurbished furnishings

When investing in décor, furniture, and other home enhancements people want great looks that cost less. That’s why more and more people are transforming items they already possess, or found at garage sales, thrift stores, or on clearance shelves.

According to expert home stager and designer Kate Hart, of Hart & Associates Staging and Design, “Reduce, reuse, and recycle are décor terms today, so reupholster that old chair; add a MirrorMate® frame to your bare bathroom mirror, instead of replacing it; and, repaint a flea market find dresser as opposed to buying new.”

To check out hundreds of before and after furniture restorations, visit the, where you’ll find fabulous ideas and inspiration for transforming tables, hutches, dressers, chairs, and more.


Sophistication over Shabby - Clean LinesSophistication over shabby

“Forget the flowers and ruffles, things are looking more tailored,” says Hart. “Think fitted bedskirts, drapes that don’t drag, and throws that are neatly placed—not draped.”

Hart adds that hotel décor is also popular, because it gives people the sense that they’re enjoying a “staycation” all year long. To implement this style in your home’s decor, she offers the following tip, “The bathroom and bedroom are the perfect places to start, adding furnishings with clean lines, plush white towels, and a spa-like color palate.”


Wallpaper Is Back - Go BoldWallpaper is back

Davidsen and Katherine Shenaman, of Palm Beach-based Katherine Shenaman Interiors, agree that wallpaper is making a comeback. How do you go about selecting wallpaper that’s stylish? Shenaman advises you to go bold and go big.

“Why? Because you won’t need as many accessories or ‘stuff’ to fill the room. Pick the right wallpaper and most of the decorating is done,” explains Shenaman. “Pick a color and pattern that you can live with for some time. Plus, this can save you money in the long run, because there’s no need to fill up the walls with big pieces of art.”


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