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Master bathroom makeovers

Although a master bathroom can be a space of luxury and serenity, it is more often a space of function and utility: it’s a place where we get ourselves ready in the morning for a busy day ahead and a space where we recharge and unwind before bedtime. If your master bathroom is cluttered, messy, and plain it might be time for an overhaul. Luckily, there are a few small projects you can tackle that won’t take more than a few days from start to finish so your bathroom will feel as good as new.

Don't Be a Hoarder - Cluttered Bath CounterDON’T BE A HOARDER

There are a lot of nooks and crannies in most master bathrooms and between linens, toiletries, cleaning products, and maybe even dirty laundry that can mean a lot of clutter in a relatively small space. Before you tackle your remodeling project, clear out your space by asking yourself when you last used a particular item. If toiletries or cleaners have exceeded their expiration dates, toss them immediately and make a note of only the most important pieces that you’ll need to replace.


Kohler ProvinityHAVE SOME VANITY

Swapping out your bathroom vanity is one way to completely change the look of your master bathroom. The Kohler Provinity model blends fashion and function and offers ample storage space with an underneath shelf for towels or robes and slow-close, adjustable drawers so you can keep your toiletries inside instead of on display.


GO GREENGo Green - Bathroom Walls

Paint your bathroom walls with earth tones like blue, aqua, green, or tan to evoke serene and soothing vibes in your master bathroom. Whether you’re soaking in a tub or dressing for a night out, a calming green tone on the wall will help you focus on the task at hand so you won’t be distracted by the clutter that often overwhelms the master bathroom. The best news? Painting a small space can usually be accomplished in less than a few hours.


Zen BathroomBE ZEN

Creating a soothing space is easy when you apply the Chinese principles of feng shui to your bathroom. If you’re planning a major remodel, consider hiring a professional to design a floor plan that flows effortlessly, blending from one area to the next. If your project is short term, consider working with a feng shui consultant who can help you rethink your space and give you tips on how to refresh your room and help restore its natural balance.

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