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5 Kitchen appliances we love

Stainless steel appliances have long had a place in industrial kitchens, but home cooks are now scrambling to fill their kitchens with these sleek, modern appliances to lend their home a contemporary look. The great news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in order to outfit your kitchen from top to bottom in stainless steel. Decide what your kitchen priorities are and invest in one strong piece that you’ll use day in and day out, and build from there.

Thermador's Emerald 6 Program DishwasherA SLEEK DISHWASHER

Whether you’re tired of dishpan hands, or you have a dishwasher that makes so much noise you fear it’s about to launch when it runs,  Thermador’s Emerald 6 Program Dishwasher will clean the dirtiest of pots and pans, or the most delicate of crystal and china.


Kenmore Elite Convection MicrowaveCONVECTION MICROWAVE

Microwave ovens are often associated with convenience food and have a poor reputation. That will all change if you spring for a Kenmore Elite Convection Microwave that makes cooking and reheating easier than ever. It has 10 power levels and one-touch cooking options, along with three auto defrost modes. It features a warm/hold option so if your dinner is ready before you are, you don’t have to worry about eating a cold meal.



With a Viking 30-inch Electric Induction Range you can customize your stovetop to look perfect with any kitchen décor. Viking electric induction ranges use magnetic power to deliver professional capabilities with the energy efficiency you need in your home. Underneath the cooktop, you’ll have a self-cleaning convection oven that has some of the industry’s top features and it will help you produce holiday dinners more delicious than ever.


Sub-Zero Glass Door RefrigeratorREFRIGERATOR

For the super organized, a refrigerator that lets you peek inside without opening the door is the perfect complement to any serious home cook’s kitchen. Our favorite, a Sub-Zero Glass Door model has over-and-under storage plus a convenient roll out freezer drawer. Sub-Zero dual refrigeration employs new air purification and water filtration systems to guard the freshness of your food and water. If you’re short on space,  the flush inset design installation option allows the unit to nest inside surrounding cabinetry.

Calphalon Indoor GrillAN INDOOR GRILL

If you crave grilled meat and vegetables all year round (and who doesn’t?) an indoor grill like the Calphalon HE600CG is a means to enhance the kitchen countertop. Not only can you enjoy the flavors of the outdoor grill indoors, but the removable internal drip tray is great for easy cleaning, and the adjustable grill height is perfect for fitting a variety of foods.

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