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Designer stationery, a guide

In these days of e-mail, text messaging, and online chatting, you might think designer stationery has gone the way of the dinosaur; you’d be wrong, though. Personalized designer stationery is hotter than ever, because there are still times when a letter or an invite simply requires the written word. Think about your wedding, shower or bar mitzvah. These special occasions require a written, personalized invitation, and the thank you notes that go with them. If you have a business, personalized stationery is even more important, because the stationery you choose reflects your business, your style, and your commitment to quality.

Dachshund personalized stationery from Etsy’s Oliver Blu Designs, $3.00

What to look for in designer stationery

First, your stationery should reflect who you are and what you’re about. Look for a stationery designer who represents your style, whether it’s modern, traditional, trendy…whatever.

Look at the work of several different designers and choose the one that resonates with you. You should have an idea of how you’d like your stationery to look so you can give the designer something to run with, but you should also give them license to create something that’s unique and different, too.

Look for heavy, high-quality paper and envelopes, in a color that represents your style and taste. Make sure your colors aren’t so bright or rich that they take away from the writing, or make it difficult to read your words.

Kate Spade Brushstroke Peony Box Set, $30 (

If your style is quiet elegance, you might look for a muted pastel shade with only a tasteful monogram for personalization. If you’re bold and trendy, you might look for a stronger color, and a message that’s all about you and your feelings instead of a monogram. You can find stationery in just about every design imaginable, so you can keep several styles on hand for different occasions. You can keep casual stationery for quick notes, and more formal stationery for important events. If you use the same designer, your stationery will reflect your style and remain cohesive, whether it’s formal or informal.



Martha Stewart Hello Aqua Die Cut Correspondence Cards, $12.00 for 10 cards (


Custom stationery is extremely important if you own a business. It communicates what your business is about and, if it’s memorable, your customers will come to associate it with your business. Anything you can do to promote your brand is important, so custom stationery is a very small price to pay to increase your business and impress your clientele.

Designer stationery is your way to make a personal statement about who you are and what you care about. Use it to communicate your style, your taste, and your beliefs to your friends and associates, and they’ll always remember your fashion and good taste.

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