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How to manage your housekeeper

Don’t let hiring a housekeeper give you a longer to-do list! These quick and easy tips about how to manage your housekeeper so you have a sparkly clean house and more time on your hands!


Make a priority list

Create a priority list for your housekeeper so he or she knows exactly what projects are most important. Hate a messy kitchen? Be sure to list your kitchen at the top so it gets cleaned first. Without a priority list, your housekeeper will move from room to room and may not take care of the projects that are most important to you. If you are unavailable for questions, your housekeeper can simply follow your priority list.

Be clear with boundaries

If you do not want your housekeeper using your phone, TV, or computer, be clear up front about these guidelines. It is much easier to lay the boundaries in the beginning. If you feel that your housekeeper may not remember your “do-not-use” list, place small post-it notes over your tv or stereo as simple reminders.

Did not finish list

Rather than finding a messy bathroom after your housekeeper has finished cleaning, leave a notepad and pen so that he or she can write down projects that did not get finished. You will know what is left to be done and won’t find any dirty surprises.

Contact sheet

If you like to run errands or head out of the house while your housekeeper is cleaning, always leave a contact sheet with your cell phone number of location where you can be reached. Not only is this important for simple questions that your housekeeper might have but it is also important in case an emergency occurs while you are not home. Be sure to also include important phone numbers such as veterinarian, doctor’s office, police, fire, and poison control.

Don’t feel guilty

Hiring a housekeeper should not mean you spend your time “pre-cleaning”. Don’t feel guilty about hiring a housekeeper. Let them take care of their job by cleaning your house while you tend to other responsibilities. Housekeepers are not expecting a clean house when they arrive so do not worry about piles of laundry or dirty dishes. That is after all the reason you hired them.

Not the right fit?

Before you find out the housekeeper is not the right fit for you and your family, do a little research. Ask for references and referrals to find a housekeeper you trust. Hiring from a housekeeping service is always a safer bet as many of these agencies screen their employees and perform background checks. If you find that your housekeeper is not the right fit, you can call the agency and ask for a new housekeeper. If you do find the perfect fit and use a housecleaning service, mention that you would like to continue using your specific housekeeper as agencies often send out different housekeepers. Be up front about your needs and the time it will take to clean your house. Finding the best fit is important not only for you and your family but also for the housekeeper.

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