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Luxury cleaning products: Which ones actually work?

Say goodbye to the pine scented household cleaners you grew up with and say hello to the latest luxury cleaning products that will have you cleaning in style! But which products will not only have you scrubbing in style but also leave your house sparkling? We did some testing and came up with the top 5 list of luxury cleaning products that actually work!

1. Caldrea Dish Soap Liquid

Available in four luxurious scents, you might just feel like you’re spending the afternoon at the spa instead of cleaning. This dish soap not only leaves hands feeling velvety smooth but also contains Soap Bark Extract to tackle those pots and pans. We fell in love with the Ginger Pomelo scent – heavenly!


2. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day
Liquid Hand Soap

Containing aloe vera, Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap in lemon verbena was a luxuriously scented hand soap that left hands silky smooth. The soap isn’t laden with extra antibacterial additives that train you’re the natural bacteria to be resistant either. It does not contain added colors either. It’s perfectly natural and we are sure that it will be a staple in our kitchen and bathrooms.


3. Biokleen Spray & Wipe
All Purpose Cleaner

When the kitchen counters need a good wipe down, we reached for Biokleen Spray & Wipe All Purpose Cleaner. Made of grapefruit and orange peel extract, the cleaning power is just as fabulous as the pleasant smell. There was no chemical odor and left the counters sparkling clean. Biokleen is also animal safe so it’s perfect for the wood or tile spill too. We were impressed!


4. Seventh Generation Natural
Shower Cleaner

Lured in by the focus on a greener earth and lack of chlorine bleach, we tried our Seventh Generation’s Natural Shower Cleaner. Could it actually tackle the toilet grime and shower mildew? It sure could! A fresh scent and a squeaky-clean bathroom later, we were sold. Seventh Generation is also biodegradable, does not contain dyes or strong acids, and won’t break the bank either. A great option for a shower cleaner that actually works!


5. BabyGanics The Grime Fighter
All Purpose Cleaner

Suited for all those dirty areas your baby leaves behind, we tried out BabyGanics on high chairs, floors, and the changing table. It is safe for baby as it’s free of harsh chemicals and toxins, but it also works to remove stains and odors. Even available in a travel size that is perfect for the diaper bag and mommy-on-the-go, this all-purpose cleaner is a must-have.


Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Fantastic for spot clean up and regular cleaning, the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is perfect for hardwood floors that are kept busy with dogs, children, and heavy traffic. Many hardwood floor cleaners leave a strong odor that lingers for days, but Bona has virtually no scent at all. It does not leave a sticky residue either. It comes in an easy to use handheld mop and refillable cartridges. Enjoy your squeeky clean floors!

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