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Easy fixes for common household catastrophes

Red wine spilled on your favorite white upholstered chair? Dropped your cell phone in the sink while doing the dishes? Worry no more! These easy fixes will cure all your household catastrophes.

How to save a drenched cell phone

Don’t fret if you have dropped your cell phone in the toilet or accidentally left it in your pocket during a load of laundry.

  1. Remove your phone out of the water immediately.
  2. Quickly remove the battery to your phone.
  3. Also remove the SIM card where your phone’s data is stored to preserve important information like contact numbers.
  4. Remove all covers like the back of your phone and battery cover. You might need a small screwdriver to completely remove all casing.
  5. Dry your phone by placing it uncooked rice overnight to absorb moisture.
  6. Let the phone dry for at least 24 hours.

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