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Lampshade rehab

The lighting in your home can be one of the most important ways to set the mood and tone of a room. Bright, bold lighting can be cheerful and fun while dim, softer light yields a more calming, relaxing vibe. While recessed lighting and large fixtures are popular in homes, lamps are still a classic way to add design and function to any room. To change the vibe, make over your lampshades and, before you know it, your home will be looking like new.

Embellish with beadslamop with beaded shade

Old lampshades update well with the addition of fringe or crystal bead trim to the base of the shades; beaded trims are available at most craft stores and add a fresh, fun look. If your shade is patterned or embellished already, look for simple beaded designs and, if your shade is plain, think about a more ornate beading employing multiple shapes and colors.


Add a ribbon trimlampshade with ribbon

A simple ribbon trim can be one of the most affordable ways to spruce up the lighting in your home. If your lamp has a colored base, pick a ribbon that is a few shades darker or lighter for contrast (don’t get an exact match, use complementary colors).


Recycle fabricrecycled fabric lampshade

If you have fabric left over from a recent sewing project, you can repurpose it into the perfect lampshade. Look for an opaque lampshade and reupholster it with the fabric of your choice using superglue or eve a glue gun. For a quirky design, pick a square-paneled lampshade and dress each side with a different pattern.

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