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Functional and fashionable: 5 Fab home organizing solutions

An organized home is a calm home. No, really, it’s true. Disorganization can make you feel stressed, so avoid that unnecessary stress by staying organized all the time. These fave home organizing solutions will keep your home in tip-top shape.

organized pots

Reach the items in the back of your cabinets

Have trouble seeing what’s in the rear of your deep, wide cabinets? Don’t just take it—fix it with an easy solution: a Lazy Susan can help. Keep bigger items to the center of the Lazy Susan and surround them with smaller items. For the Lazy Susan, check out the Snudda from Ikea. The solid wood build is sturdy and will hold up to your canned goods and boxes.

Transform a closet into a china cabinet or pantry

It can be nerve racking when you are running out of storage space for the kitchen. Relax. If you have a spare closet (perhaps that junk one in the kitchen), then you can transform it into a functional cabinet for storing china or pantry items. Use solid, sturdy shelves, not the wire kind.

Repurpose a television cabinet

Before you toss the old television cabinet (or send it packing to Goodwill), consider reusing it. For larger models with shelves and glass doors, baskets can transform the television cabinet into a unique dresser for a spare bedroom. Or use it in your kitchen or dining room as a sideboard. For smaller models, remove the wheels and add storage containers to store craft supplies or wrapping supplies to be used as a craft or wrapping station.

Go up

Feel like you are running out of space? Take a look at your walls and doors. These are prime spaces for organizing products. For instance, wire racks can be installed on kitchen doors to hold aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and more. Or, purchase an iron hanger to get your ironing board—and the iron—out of the way.

Ditch the cases

Sure, DVDs come in reusable cases, but it’s a far better space-saving idea to recycle the cases and transfer the DVDs to handy DVD holding books, taking up a fraction of the storage space.

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