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Closet envy: the most incredible closet ideas

Closets can go from storage to mess bombs overnight. No one wants that, so do something about it. Take charge in your closets with these incredible closet ideas.

Closet organization ideas

Take control of your bedroom closet. Having one bar for clothes across your closet and one shelf above really isn’t that practical; it wastes more space than it uses. So, what do you do?

There are a myriad of organization systems available for closets that transform the space from a single bar to several bars, along with shelves and drawers. Check out California Closets for some fabulous ideas.

Repurposing a closet in an extra bedroom

When you have a bedroom on the first floor, it’s easy to use it as a playroom or office, but what about the closet? Should it store clothes or hold stacks of stuff? Neither! Instead, capitalize on its usability.

Remove the bar for hanging clothes

It just takes up usable space in a closet that isn’t a clothes closet.

Get shelves cut to fit

Shelves in the shelving aisle come in a few different sizes. Know the depth of your closet and purchase shelves that are closest to those measurements. Or, have MDF laminate boards cut to size so that you can maximize the space (the edges can be finished with special tape available at the hardware store).

Organize shelves

Use baskets and buckets to keep everything organized

Hide the electronics

If your hubby has an electronics’s fetish, it can get a little wire-y in the main room but, if you park your television near a closet, it can become a de facto entertainment center. Hang small shelves to accommodate the electronics, then run wires right to the television; close the doors and the secret of the electronics is hidden.

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