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5 Hostess gifts that make a statement

Whenever you are invited to someone’s home, it’s polite to bring a hostess gift. What makes a good hostess gift? Here are five ideas for gifts that really make a statement:

Always remember to bring your hostess a gift.

New Amsterdam Gin

Everyone brings wine; it’s the thing to bring. But gin? That’s a step off the beaten path. Produced in California, this gin has citrus undertones—perfect for those who like infused liquors. Also good in cocktails. Around $15. (


polka dot apron from etsyThe BELLA Vintage Inspired Black and White Polka Dot with Lavender Purple Full Apron

This fabulous polka dotted apron has classic flair. The form-flattering design and sensibility (hello, pocket!) make it perfect for a classic-loving hostess ($28.75). (



Daisy Cake Server from Pylones

How about a serving piece that really says something? This fancy cake server is fashioned to look like a puppy but, in reality, it’s a really useful item—and one that is often overlooked in the home. Your hostess will thank you ($32). (


Mini Salt Pig

What’s the deal with salt pigs? They are a great way for home cooks to have salt handy without exposing it to dust and debris. This mini one is neutral and comes with its own spoon ($4.95). (


Bridgewater Chocolates

From truffles to toffees, Bridgewater Chocolates® are special, delectable chocolates that will leave your hostess weak in the knees. The Connecticut-based company ships, prices vary. (

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