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Guest bathroom checklist: What you need to have on hand

We all know what we need when it comes to our own bathrooms (towels, bath mats, a shower curtain), but it can be a bit more difficult to figure out what you need for a guest bathroom. People won’t be using it as often as your other bathroom and, when they do, it may not be for a very long period of time. Here is a list of everything you need on hand when hosting guests.

Guest bathroom

A bath towel, hand towel, and facecloth for each guest

This will ensure that all of your guest’s washing and drying off needs are met.

A clothes hamper

Once your guests have finished using the towels you gave them, they can place them in the hamper.

Spare toothbrush and toothpaste

If your guests forget either of these items, it’s up to you to act like a good concierge by having them on hand.

Shampoo and conditioner

Unless your guests are planning to stay at your place for an extended period of time, they may have forgotten to pack little things like shampoo and conditioner. Consequently, it’s always important to have small, deliciously scented bottles of these in your spare bathroom. Other handy items to have on hand include: face wash and cream, razors, dental floss, mouthwash, cotton balls, and swabs.

Body/hand moisturizer

This is a must in any household room where there’s a sink. A lightly scented moisturizer will keep any guest’s hands soothed and smooth throughout their stay.

Candles/scented oils

Even though you may have known the person who’s staying with you “forever,” it’s still nice to make them feel pampered and welcome. A surefire way to do that is to make the guest bathroom smell delicious and welcoming. Candles and scented oils will help you do that with little to no effort.

Hand soap

Help your guests get clean with high-end, or deliciously scented, hand soap. Get a bottle with a luxurious design (it will add an added bit of color to your bathroom’s decor).

Extra toilet paper and tissues

No guest wants to ask their hostess or host for extra toilet paper or tissue (they especially don’t want to get caught without some when they really need it); leave a basket full of these essentials near the base of the toilet.

Common medications

Regardless of who’s staying with you, you’ll want to have some items on hand in case they start feeling sick. A few must-haves include aspirin, acid reducers, constipation remedies, anti-diarrheal pills, sunscreen, and bug spray.

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