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Mermaid scales nail art

Almost every little girl has dreamed about becoming a mermaid, frolicking in the sea, waiting for her prince to come. These nails are playfully nostalgic and so fun!

Mermaid scales nail art |

Mermaid scales nail art


  • Dotting tool
  • Sephora’s Just a Fairy-Tail
  • Julep’s Carrie
  • Sally Hansen’s The Real Teal
  • Essie’s Super Duper Top Coat

Mermaid scales nail art




Prepare the polish for the dotting tool. Put a drop of each color on a scrap piece of paper and refresh as needed.

Mermaid scales nail art



The whole manicure consists of dots, so get comfortable. (You can also try just doing this as an accent nail to save some time.) Start with a teal dot on the top corner of your nail. Follow with a pink dot next to it, overlapping it just a bit. Do a silver dot next to the pink one, overlapping as well. Repeat the steps working across to the other side of the nail.

Mermaid scales nail art

Mermaid scales nail art

Mermaid scales nail art

When you begin the next row, you’ll want to make sure you don’t have two dots of the same color touching (ex: teal overlapping teal). So in this case, we started the row with pink and repeated the pattern. This row should overlap the first row a bit.

Mermaid scales nail art


Repeat… a lot

Repeat the dotting pattern until your whole nail is covered, making sure to overlap dots and rows for the “mermaid scale” look. Let it dry, and then finish with a top coat.

Mermaid scales nail art

Mermaid scales nail art

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