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Seasonal home decor trends — should you go for it?

It’s hard to resist some of the gorgeous seasonal trends for your home, but are they worth the investment — or are they a waste of time and money?

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Seasonal home decor trends are hard to miss. You’re bombarded with them every time the seasons change. You see them when you walk through the aisles of any home goods store or flip through the pages of your favorite magazine. These trends are always fun, bright and right in style… but how long will that look last? Do you take a chance on a trendy seasonal look, or go with something a little safer? We’ve asked some experts in the field of interior design to weigh in, and they have some great suggestions!


Talk about taking a plunge! Changing your wall color or painting cabinetry is a big commitment, and going with a seasonal color can be scary. So, should you do it? Some of the industry’s leading designers say yes!

“This year’s trend is all about colors: neon, primary, electric and loud,” says Karen Musick from Divas N’ Design. “Forget pastels and neutrals. Put a spring in your step with bright and bold colors that will change the entire atmosphere of your home.” 

Musick suggests aiming for a color that’s trendy now, but suits multiple seasons. “A color that is trending this season is orange,” she says. “Try an orange with more of a burnt, robust tone to it. In the spring and summer, this color can be accessorized with bright yellows, poppy pinks and fresh whites to appear warmer. Then, swap out your yellows and pinks for golds and rustic reds for the cooler fall and winter months.”

Musick realizes that oranges aren’t for everyone though. “For those who want to bring the seasons outside into their home, try choosing a small yet relevant wall to paint as an accent wall,” she says. “Choose a beautiful shade of yellow for spring and summer, and we love grays for the cooler months. This way, you can add a pop of a seasonal color in your home without spending hours painting.”


Furniture is usually a big investment too, and it’s not always simple to just change the color when you’ve had enough of that summer look on your sofa.

Designer Gioi Tran, of interior design team Applegate Tran, says color should be embraced, even when it’s just for a season. “Do something that makes you happy and makes the room come alive,” Tran says. “Personally I recommend going as big and bold as you can with a color that suits you and the season. No regrets!” 

Tran has a solution for anyone who loves color but is afraid to take the seasonal plunge. “A great way to use a statement piece like a sofa in a seasonal color is to use a slip cover,” she says. “There are store-bought versions available in many ranges of color and pattern — or have something custom made by a skilled upholsterer. Now you are free to change the look of your sofa with the colors of the season and feel like you have a new piece of furniture.”

You might also consider painting less visible portions of wooden furniture, like the insides of chair legs and the back wall of a bookshelf. Changes like this are subtle, but they make an impact and are a great way to work in pops of color.


If you want a seasonal look for your home, but aren’t quite ready for a huge commitment like changing wall color, try investing in some smaller pieces that can give your home the look you’re going for. The designers we spoke with have some recommendations for items that are worth the investment.

“It is amazing what a great lighting can do to a room. Adding colorful pendants above an island or sink in your kitchen is one way to incorporate color. You can also incorporate seasonal trends using lamps. Start with a classic, neutral lamp base and then you can easily switch out the lampshade as the seasons or trends change.” — Erin Davis of Mosaic Design and Remodeling

“As we all know, rugs aren’t exactly the cheapest of all home purchase. However, finding one that suits all four seasons is not exactly ideal. To combat this unfortunate problem, buy two good rugs that can be used for all four seasons. Having these two separate rugs will make an extreme difference in decorating your home. Specifically for summer, having a bright, floral number will make all the difference is creating a fresh, airy feel.” — Kristen Chuber, PaintZen, Inc.

“I don’t mind spending a little extra when it comes to large decorative containers because they can be multi-purposed throughout the house. My example of this is a pair of Tiffany-blue colored glass vessels from Italy. They have been used at either end of the dining table with red poinsettias at Christmas, then spent spring on the mantel with forsythia branches and paper mache rabbits. They will be on the patio table with giant hydrangea blooms for summer affairs, and grace either end of the foyer console with 4-foot curly willow branches for fall.” — Kevin Vaughn, an interior designer in Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee

“Indoor plants are a stellar seasonal investment that will last you through the year. Succulents are especially on trend, but just make sure to place in a super sunny spot. is a fab source for punchy colored pots to place them in.” — Caitlin Murray of Caitlin and Caitlin

“Revise your bedding with a new duvet and pillow shams in the bedroom. And make sure to purchase new pillows if you have not changed the old ones in more than three years.” — Robin Wilson, president and CEO of Robin Wilson Home

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