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Renovating your bathroom to make morning routines easier

If your morning routine leaves you feeling stressed before you even get out the door, you may need to renovate your bathroom to make it just a bit easier. We’ve got the tips and tricks you need to do it right.

Woman in bathroom applying make up

Especially if your bathroom is small, keeping your sanity in the a.m. while sharing the bathroom with others is often the biggest challenge of the day. Stop going nuts and maximize your bathroom with these tips from Deb Dumel of Frank Webb’s Bath and Lighting Center.

Organization saves time

Do you know where everything in your bathroom is? Spending 20 minutes looking for your flatiron slows you down and keeps other family members from getting ready. Everything in your bathroom needs to have its own spot where you can grab it quickly. Dumel advises looking for stylish storage solutions. She advises using modern medicine cabinets with adjustable shelves to provide storage for items you commonly need. You can adjust the shelves to give yourself more space and lower some shelves to give kids easy access to what they need.

Get smarter storage solutions

Not having to leave the bathroom to retrieve things you need not only saves time, but keeps you from getting locked out of the bathroom by a primping teen. While pedestal sinks are gorgeous, maybe you should save those for the guest bathroom. Dumel says that vanities provide a lot of shelving and drawers that can be used to store much of what you frequently use.

She also advises thinking about ways to maximize wasted space. There’s plenty of room over most toilets for shelving to store extra towels and toiletries.

Use space effectively

Take a good look at how your family really uses the bathroom. Maximize the space by optimizing it for your family’s routine. If your kids are older and you don’t really use the tub anymore, consider how much room it takes up. Try installing a standing shower with built-in shelves to organize your bath products or even other toiletries that can take a little splash now and again.

Find the right light

Don’t forget to think about lighting when you’re renovating. The right light plays a huge role in how quickly you can get ready. Dumel suggests installing quality lighting up above the mirror, where it’s used most frequently while applying makeup, shaving, plucking and more. No more running back to the house to tone down those harsh makeup lines!

Get the right advice

No one’s suggesting you pop for an interior decorator or contractor (unless you’re just not great at DIY stuff). But do have a chat with the pros at your local home improvement store. Just make sure you’re talking to a specialist. Either stop by a store that specializes in a particular room or service, or ask the clerk in a general home improvement store to make sure they have experience in the field and work in that department every day.

Try to bring a diagram (as to-scale as possible) of your current space, including all the furniture and porcelain. They may even be able to suggest a great DIY book you can buy.

Add color

Don’t forget to think about the colors you use. Bright colors help stimulate your brain, which can get you moving in the morning. As an added bonus, they make smaller spaces seem larger. Don’t forget about the floor, either. Steer clear of anything with too many lines. Dumel says brick and subway tiles make your floor feel endless. Adding color is an inexpensive way to set a great tone for a super-productive day.

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