Perfect eyebrows: Eyebrow grooming tips

Whether you are raising an eyebrow as you look over a potential Mr Right or just need to get your technique down so you can get your eyes party-perfect, we have some helpful tips for you here. Great-looking brows frame your face and make your eyes open up and look fantastic!

In this video clip, New York makeup artist Susan McCarthy gives some great tips on how to get the perfect eyebrows. She emphasizes that all women should work with what they have — don’t do
anything unnatural. For example, if your natural eyebrow line is flat, don’t try to create a drastic arch.

Watch this video to learn more!

If you are looking for a terrific brow kit that includes everything you need to get perfect brows, try the Sephora Arch It Brow Kit. This kit includes three eyebrow stencils, brow gel, brow powder, an eyebrow brush, tweezers
and clear brow mascara to set your brows. It’s available for $35 from


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