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Celeb BFFs: What their clothes reveal about their friendships

Does the way we dress when we’re around our BFF reveal the nature of our friendship? You betcha!

Friendships evolve over time — sometimes they grow together; sometimes they grow apart (Paris and Kim, anyone?). To gain a deeper understanding of Hollywood’s most celebrated BFFs, let’s look at how they dress over the years when they’re together.

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift

BFF style: Sharing a loss of innocence

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift

Taylor and Selena certainly have been through a lot together, yet they remain as close as ever. Take a peek back in time to 2008, when they chatted on the red carpet for the premiere of Another Cinderella Story. Both Selena and Taylor are sporting equally innocent outfits, both of them still dressing (and believing) that their own Cinderella moment will come. The silk and chiffon fabric is the hallmark choice for someone who still believes in the fairytale. Both girls wear monochromatic outfits, revealing that they are yet to develop the sophistication and complexity that age and experience will bring. Both girls are natural and have embraced their naturally curly hair. Just two girls living their dreams.

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift

Years later, Selena and Taylor are just as connected as ever. Gone are the innocent princess dresses — instead these girls have experienced more knocks and heartache and are dressing the part. Selena’s ripped jeans and unfinished top complement’s Taylor’s edgy black mini shorts perfectly. Growing up in the harsh Hollywood spotlight has clearly stripped both girls of some of their innocence, but together in matching tones and edgier fashion, they are finding strength and comfort in each other’s friendship.

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