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What celebrities’ swimsuits reveal about them

It’s one thing to be on the best-dressed list, especially when you have a top stylist on speed dial, but what a star chooses to wear when they hit the beach this summer reveals even more about who they really are.

The Innocent: Whitney Port

Whitney’s Palm Beach print-inspired bikini perfectly reflects her preppy, old-fashioned values. The lemon and leaf print is optimistic, youthful and un-jaded, just like Whit. The slightly risqué string bikini cut shows that she has a fun side and isn’t afraid of a little naughtiness… as long as it remains tasteful.

The Innocent : Whitney Port

The Diva: Jennifer Lopez

We all know she “used to have a little, now she’s got a lot,” and that’s even true when it comes to J. Lo’s beach attire. This latina loves nothing more than luxury and manages to combine a simple, chic black bikini with a high fashion silk cover-up, proving that even at the beach, she’s as much the diva as ever. Jennifer has two sides — her sensual feminine self, which has traditional family values as seen through the modest cover-up, and then there’s J. Lo’s sexy side, the risk taker who wants to be wanted, needs to be needed and desires to be desired by millions. She’s the girl dancing the night away with her younger lover wearing next to nothing as seen with the skimpy black bikini underneath.

The Diva : Jennifer Lopez

The Pragmatist: Nicole Eggert

This former Baywatch babe has traded in her teeny-tiny red swimsuit for something much more practical for her busy life. This working mum likes to keep it real and doesn’t have time for unnecessary frills and impractical design details. She’s too busy looking after her family and working at being the best mom she can be. She might not be a size zero anymore, but she’s proud of who she is and thinks she owes it to herself (and her children) to dress respectfully, even when in a swimsuit.

The Pragmatist: Nicole Eggert

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