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These 15 Affectionate Dog Breeds Are the Cuddle Buddies of Your Dreams

11. Pomeranian

Image: MissTessmacher/Flickr

According to, these puffballs on four legs are intelligent dogs that love to please.

“Because of their outgoing temperaments, they can be very good family dogs with the right training. Due to their small size they don’t require much exercise, but are an energetic breed that needs attention from their people frequently.”

12. Belgian Sheepdog

Belgian sheepdog
Image: Mark Kimpel/Flickr

An attentive companion dog, the Belgian Sheepdog is happiest with an owner who can give this canine plenty of jobs to do. The AKC describes this breed as intelligent, easily trainable and a dog that gets along well with gentle children. Just make sure you have ample time to give your love-pup lots of exercise.

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13. Collie

Collie dog
Image: Graham/Flickr

Who wouldn’t want the loyalty of love of Lassie? Collies are described by the AKC as devoted family dogs that are especially good with children. These graceful pups are as happy jaunting with you on a walk as they are curled up on the couch with you.

14. American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo
Image: Stephanie Roberts/Flickr

Considered one of PetMD’s most lovable canines, the “Eskie” quickly bonds with its human family. This extremely energetic dog needs lots of exercise and, with the right amount of attention, is fun, obedient and well-behaved.

15. Weimaraner

Image: Neil Kronberg/Flickr

Bred primarily for bird-dogging and hunting, this regal gray dog is known for being an easily trainable canine that is friendly and an obedient member of the family. These pups love children and thrive on being part of the family “pack.”

What about mixed breeds?

If you’d rather adopt a mixed breed dog (shelter dogs certainly need love, too), Easter recommends, “Determine what breeds were mixed together and this can give you a good idea of the dog’s temperament.”

She adds that the best way to tell if any dog — purebred or mixed — is an affectionate dog is to pay attention to your interaction and your family’s interaction with a dog.

“Determine if the dog enjoys sitting next to you, gives you lots of eye contact, follows you around and enjoys being petted… if it does, you likely have an affectionate dog.”

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