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These 15 Affectionate Dog Breeds Are the Cuddle Buddies of Your Dreams

6. English Toy Spaniel

English toy spaniel
Image: ccho/Flickr

The AKC describes these small regal pups as gentle, happy, playful and loving. English Toy Spaniels are intelligent, good family companions, play well with children and ideal for apartment dwellers.

7. Bloodhound

Image: Rachel/Flickr

Another large breed lover, Bloodhounds are extremely affectionate but tend to have a dominating personality. Make sure you let your hound know that you are the alpha of the house but follow it up with lots of cuddles and hugs.

8. Bulldog

Image: Mark/Flickr

Despite the Bulldog’s contentious facial features, this loving dog is considered one of the most affectionate dog breeds by PetMD. Warm, charming, docile and devoted, the bulldog makes a great family pet.

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9. Irish Wolfhound

Irish wolfhound
Image: Airwolfhound/Flickr

The tallest of dogs, the Irish Wolfhound is a large, heavy athlete that is “gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked,” according to the AKC. Considered an excellent family companion, this enormous dog needs more room and more exercise than the smaller canine breeds. If you’re looking for a lot of love, the Irish Wolfhound is for you!

10. Papillon

Image: Furbychan/Flickr

Considered one of the smartest dog breeds, the Papillon is a deceptively excellent watchdog and constant companion. These diminutive but brave creatures are often described as big dogs in little bodies, which means your adorable butterfly-eared canine can keep you company at home or on the go all the while making it known that they are ready to protect you against anything big or small.

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