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Cars aren’t just for boys

In high school, who had auto shop during sixth period? Boys. History aside, recent research proves that women are the ones taking charge behind the wheel — and at the car dealership.

2014 Lexus IS 250

2014 Lexus IS 250

Today, more women have a driver’s license than men as well as influence a full 85 percent of all car purchases — that’s $80 billion dollars of purchasing power!

“The Fiat 500c is ideal for a new age girlie. And the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland or Summit is perfect for the gadget girl who wants a safe ride,” according to Onboardly president and co-founder, Heather Carson. Her must have features? “A sunroof is a must-have. I love to let the wind blow through my hair while riding on the highway. Another must? Blind spot sensors, rear camera and adaptive cruise… they make a Jeep too cool for school while having my back.”

There’s a lot for a girl to love in the auto showroom — aesthetically and otherwise.

Dazzling colors to match your personality

A woman’s car is an extension of her style. The Chevy Spark is a super cute option and it’s the first minicar for the U.S. from Chevrolet. We love that it sort of resembles a smartphone on wheels and it’s available in amazing colors: Salsa, Jalapeño Denim, Lemonade and Techno Pink (like Barbie’s dream car!). Since this car screams environmentalist and modern thinker, hipsters will flock to you like metal to a magnet. Keep your recycled canvas bag of farmers market vegetables on the passenger seat and offer a cute guy a fresh red pepper when he asks for your number.

Another one of our great loves, the Nissan Versa Note, comes in eight sophisticated colors, including two all-new shades: Metallic Peacock and MorningSky Blue. They’ll inspire you to hit the nail salon in search of the perfect Essie shade to match (and yes, you’ll succeed). The fabulously adorable Lexus IS has a sexy exterior design and nine colors available: Starfire Pearl, Obsidian, Deep Sea Mica, Silver Lining Metallic, Atomic Silver, Nebula Grey Pearl, Matador Red Mica (my personal favorite!) and Ultra White. Interior leather colors include: Black, Light Grey, Parchment, Flaxen and Rioja Red.

Chevy Spark

Yes, I need all of these shoes

Stereotypes exist for a reason, ladies. We carry a lot of shoes… and are often shopping for more. That reason is exactly why we’re fans of the Versa Note’s cargo space. The interior space is major and it also includes a Divide–N-Hide® Adjustable Floor — a system that offers a flat-load floor and a hidden storage area underneath. Cadillac SRX is also a good pick. It’s a crossover, so substantial cargo space and a CUE infotainment system with a fantastic rear seat entertainment package. Just in case you have a shopping expedition and need to hide some spoils, these will help pave the way (not that we recommend such, but we don’t judge).

Speaking of wardrobe

It’s all about the little things. We were smitten with Lexus IS’s heated seat warmers and coolers — perfect when wearing dresses or skirts. It also has a HD Radio Navigation system for when we get lost on the way to the new outlet center (again, stereotypes exist for a reason, you guys!).

Priced smart (just like you)

Personally, I toe the line at attempting to be budget conscious, yet I maintain my desire-to-be-refined sense of style. If you’re looking to attract guys with your wheels (just putting it out there!), an ideal car is one that sends off a theme of cute and fun with a light attitude towards life. While a woman’s car is an important part of her life, it doesn’t mean she has to sink all of her money just to look and feel good in it. Women have other things to spend money on — saving for the future, paying other bills and “because I deserve it” weekend trips. Don’t think you need to invest your nest egg in your next automobile, for instance, the 2014 Versa Note starts at $13,990 — a price tag that lets you spend your money on other things in your life.

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