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5 Must-have embellished jean shorts for summer

Whether it’s a beach party or a night on the town, jean shorts with a variety of embellishments can be versatile for any occasion.


Worn and torn

"Boyfriend" Shorts from Nordstrom

Rips are great for those summer days when it is sweltering outside. High-waisted jean shorts are very popular, but a longer Bermuda jean is a great casual look too. Check out this pair of “Boyfriend” shorts from Nordstrom ($195). Add a cardigan for a relaxed evening look.


Dip-dyed coloring

Pink Dip Dye Shorts from

Jean shorts now come in all colors. Ombré and fading hues are a perfect look for summertime. These fading, vibrant-pink jean shorts from ($34) are flirty, yet sophisticated.


Studs and spikes

Customized Studded High-Waisted Shorts from Etsy

An edgy pair of high-waisted jean shorts can be rockin’ with a pocket full of spikes. A pair of shorts like the customized ones above from ($50) are wild and full of personality.


Metal embellishments

Mink Pink Cheeky Mint Green Studded by LuLu's

Whether it be silver or gold, metal button fasteners can add flair to any pair. Take a look at these mint-green shorts from ($79). An all-over covering of metal buttons is daring. However, even just a few on the waistband or lining of the bottom cuff can spice up a pair of plain colored jean shorts.



Star Flag With Studs Shorts by

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, these Americana patterned shorts with sequins from are festive for the holiday and would go with a white boyfriend tee or red crop top.

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