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Katy Perry is tired of wearing so much makeup

Katy Perry shows us just how beautiful she is au naturel in a new interview with Vogue.

Get ready for a new Katy Perry! The “Firework” singer tells in a new video that she’s ready to put down her heavy foundation and replace it with a more neutral palette.

“We used to like to do dramatic makeup, but I think we are coming into the more age-appropriate field of experimenting,” she says in the video about her beauty evolution.

Perry, 28, might “love a good paint,” but the purpose of her heavy makeup habit was to cover up her problem skin.

“I was insecure about my skin,” the one-time Proactiv spokesperson confesses. “And when you’re insecure about your skin, you just do it a lot… more.”

As for her favorite facial feature? It’s not her sexy pout— it’s her beautiful baby blues.

“My brows and my eyes are what I think frame my whole face,” she says. “I have alright lips and alright cheekbones, but they’re no, like, showoffs.”

The one thing she won’t change? Her trademark dark strands.

“I’ve been dyeing my hair black since I was 15,” the natural blonde said. “I chopped it all off, I bleached it like Madonna in Who’s That Girl and it didn’t look right. So I went black and never went back.”

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