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Don’t try this at home! 25 popular Pinterest pins that will end in failure

11. Candle in a jar

Candle in bottle
Image: I Love This and That

While adding a torn page from a book and a candle to a mason jar looks dear, it may be a huge fire hazard. To avoid any flames of love in your home, use modge podge to line the outside of a jar with the page instead of placing it inside.

12. Crayon art

Crayon art
Image: Artistic Junkie

The blogger of this pin uses a blow dryer to melt crayons onto a canvas to create art. But we have one question, how does the crayon not melt onto your hand? To create similar crayon art, add small pieces of crayon onto a canvas, expose it to the hot, summer sun and then use a sponge or paintbrush to swish around your melted crayon.

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13. Balloon surprise

Balloon Surprise
Image: Pinterest

Surprise — you’ve been ballooned! While this idea seems super cute for a birthday surprise on your kid’s bedroom door, there seems to be a lot of effort put into this hoax. Since you can’t exactly plastic wrap helium balloons, putting the balloons in a large clear garbage bag is the only way to achieve this look. Save yourself some time and tape balloon ribbon to the top of the door for a similar (and still fun) surprise.

14. Wine cork crafts

DIY wine corks
Image: Recycle Art

There is wine cork pandemonium on Pinterest. Save yourself the heartache when making a wine cork wreath, and ensure that you pre-treat your corks by soaking them in hot water to avoid the cork from crumbling. If not, that precious and pretty wreath may fall apart in the sun.

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15. Lighted mirror garland

Lighted Mirror Garland
Image: Luna and Chloe Weddings

Cute for bedrooms or weddings, a lighted mirror garland is a gorgeous decoration. However, simply gluing these tiny mirrors to fishing line may not be very efficient. Treat the garland like bunting, and sew small patches of felt to give the mirrors an extra stick.

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