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Don’t try this at home! 25 popular Pinterest pins that will end in failure

6. Hanging planter

Hanging Planter
Image: Privets Feathers and Funk

There is no doubt that a hanging planter provides the perfect mix of decor and greenery to your home. But a hanging wood planter seems unsafe and quite messy. Keep this cute decor idea by choosing plastic over wood, and ensure that there is a drip area to catch any water the soil doesn’t soak up.

7. Glowing Easter eggs

Glowing Easter Eggs
Image: Chic Fluff

A cute and wonderful idea for Easter egg hunting in the dark, this pin uses broken glow sticks to create bright and easy to find eggs. The concern is your children touching and possibly exposing themselves to the contents of the glow stick. As a safe alternative, use glow in the dark paint on the external side of the egg for a happy, safe Easter.

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8. Glitter cup

Glitter cup
Image: Kristy Makes

This DIY glitter cup is a hot commodity on Pinterest, and we love it. But here’s our advice: use a cup with an additional layer, like this travel tumbler from Amazon . Adhere your glitter to card stock fitted for the glass that can be taken out if need be. If not, you may end up with just a glitter filled sink, dishwasher or hands. And why waste all of that precious work?

9. Water bottle sprinkler

The Water Bottle Sprinkler
Image: Femour

We love the water bottle sprinkler idea — it creates easy and inexpensive fun for your kiddos. However, using duct tape seems like a poor solution for your hose and the longevity of the water bottle sprinkler. To avoid buying new water bottles and a hose, try using ballpoint pens and a garden hose splitter for more day-to-day fun.

10. Marshmallow snowman ornament

Marshmallow snowman
Image: Sitting at Our Kitchen Table

This marshmallow-filled ornament is a great craft for kids and is oh, so cute. But it may only last one holiday season due to the warmth of an attic during storage. Use cotton balls to avoid an ornament of mush and kiddo tears next year.

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