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Summer’s hottest hair trend: Turban headbands

The turban headband is undoubtedly this summer’s must-have hair accessory. Making countless appearances in any sort of setting — be it at the beach or in the office — this is a staple item to own! So, if you don’t have one yet, it is time. Time to take a little trip to the store or even make it on your own — you’ll be glad you did! While super cute and stylish, the practicality of the turban headband is what will win you over and make you never want to turn back!


At the office

At the office turban

Bring color and character to the office without going overboard. A simple patterned turban will add flair while keeping it professional. (, $99)


Night out on the town

Saksfifth turban

Call the night to life and dare eyes to turn your way with a bold turban headband. Dance the night away while the turban keeps your lovely locks under control. (, $55)


Formal occasion

Formal occasion turban

Stay classy with a turban accent for the more formal events of this summer. Adding lace or a cute clip-in hair piece to the headband will make your turban perfect for a wedding, banquet or occasion of the like! (, $10) 


Just some daily spice

Daily 'do turban!

Spice up your daily ‘do with a turban too! The quickness of styling a turban headband makes it the perfect summer go-to hair piece. Easy and stylish, it is perfect for wherever the day may take you. (, $32)


Soaking up sun

Soaking up the sun

Pull hair back with a turban to avoid awkward bangs or loose, wispy hair tan lines. Also, use the turban to cover the sensitive tops of your ears so they don’t get burned. (, $18)


Lazy day on the couch

Pink shiffon turban

Push your hair away and enjoy a little well deserved you time! Use a turban headband to keep your hair under control as you get lounge-around ready. (, $4)


Yard work and chores

Yard work and chores turban

Who wants to put effort into a hairstyle on chore day? Probably not you. Throw a turban headband on and tie hair back into a ponytail or braid to keep it out of your way while you get to work! (, $14)



Work out turban

Pull your hair back and hold it in place at the gym. Don’t let loose fly-aways and wild hair slow you down. (The turban headband also makes for a super stylish and discreet sweat band — so don’t be scared to get your workout on!). (, $25)

Turban headband — Make your own

Easily create and customize your own DIY turban headband by visiting your nearest fabric store and slicing off a piece of your favorite pattern! Start by placing the middle of the length of the fabric on the back of your head. Pull the ends forward, toward the front of your head, and crisscross them twice on your forehead. Wrap the ends around back, tie off and voila — your DIY turban headband is complete! Leave the ends hanging or tuck them in, your preference!

Such a versatile accessory, this hair piece is a must-have! Get out there with your headband and start “turban” eyes everywhere you go!

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