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How to host an arm party

A vibrant collection of arm candy can add flair to any outfit. Follow these simple steps to amass the perfect collection of bracelets.


Start out with a statement piece

Michael Kors Mid-Size Golden Stainless Steel Camille Chronograph Glitz Watch

A watch is a great statement piece to start off your arm-candy collection. This is because a watch is so versatile. Watches can be simple for wearing in the workplace or dressed up for a night on the town. The first piece is what all the other bracelets will be centered on, so make sure the watch has your personality in it and catches attention. A watch like this Michael Kors watch ($295) serves as a perfect focal point of your arm party.


Add an accompanying cuff with texture

Tory Burch Double Wrap Logo Stud Bracelet

Coupling the watch with a smaller cuff is a great way to show volume. Choose a cuff with color and stone, such as turquoise or coral. A cuff with shape and a range of different materials, such as the cuff featured above from Tory Burch ($95), can be worn for all occasions.


Increase volume

Fossil Keyhole Bangle - Coral

An arm party is all about having balance but still including flair and personality. Textures such as leather, rope and metal can be combined to show a wide range of material and color. Cuffs can also be bought with multiple layers, which is great for achieving this look. This heavy bangle from Fossil ($58) is a prime example of how one bracelet can add so much.


Finish off with simplicity

Nordstrom 'Bauble Bar' Brushed Bangles

For the final touches, put on a few simple silver or gold bangles. To make the look more casual, you can add some thread-drawn bracelets or plain leather bands. A set of plain bangles, like this one from Nordstrom ($98), will match anything and still have attitude. Don’t be afraid to mix silver and gold — it’s all about creating an armful of fun patterns and colors!

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