How to organize your iPhone in four simple steps

With so many useful and low-price apps available, it’s easy for your phone to become chaotic and disorganized. Use these helpful tips to keep your screen a little more organized.

iTunes apps

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Step 1: Categorize apps

In order to organize your apps, you must first categorize and count them all. A simple way to do this is to connect your phone to your computer and open iTunes. From there, click the tab on the left-hand side labeled Apps. This will show you the number of apps you have downloaded and the ones that need to be updated.

Step 2: Organize apps into folders

The main goal of this process is to separate your apps into more organized folders. To get a better view of the types of apps on your phone, click the Genres button in iTunes. This will show you the number of apps in each category, such as social networking, photography and games. It’s important to know how many apps are in each category to decide how to organize your apps and folders.

Step 3: Time to clean up

By clicking the Sort By option under the Apps tab, you can view all of your apps in each category. This is a great way to see which apps overlap and it makes it easier to eliminate the duplicates. When you de-select the app on iTunes, it will be removed from your phone but not from your library. If you later realize that you need an app you previously removed, you can simply check the box and reload it onto your phone.

iTunes apps

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Step 4: Almost done!

Now all you have to do is create folders for your apps to live in. You can do this while still connected to iTunes, or go straight to your phone. Simply drag an app on top of another app in the same category to create a folder. Folders can only hold up to 12 apps (16 on iPhone 5) so choose your placements strategically. Now you won’t have to scroll through endless pages to find an app you need. Simply click the folder with the correct genre and the search is over.

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