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Top 5 squirt guns to make a splash

Summer days might be long, but that doesn’t mean they have to be lazy. Have a backyard water war with our favorite, action-ready squirt guns.


Poolmaster Water Pop Blaster Water Gun

Top 5 squirt guns to make a splash

These water guns can blast water up to 45 feet away. The simple design makes for low-maintenance playtime in the pool, and is sure to be a hit. (Target, $38 for two)


Prime Time Poolside Water Critter Blaster

Top 5 squirt guns to make a splash

Younger kids are sure to have a ball with these critter-themed squirt guns. A turtle, fish or duck serve as a handle to pump and shoot water from a soft, floatable foam shaft. (Target, $5)



These plastic squirt guns are perfect for the water-war traditionalist. Unscrew the cap on the attached water tank, fill it up and pump away to vanquish imaginary backyard enemies. (Target, $13 for two)


NERF Super Soaker Tornado Strike

Top 5 squirt guns to make a splash

This spiffy squirt gun uses a pumping system to fire and shoots out water in a spiraling helix formation. Extra clips can be purchased for extended play. (Target, $22)


Water Warriors Drench N Blast Water Blaster

Top 5 squirt guns to make a splash

Blast water up to 40 feet with this dual-action water gun. The plastic water toy features both a long-distance and a heavy-drench nozzle, as well as a trigger for each one. (Target, $20)

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