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Don’t take it all! Tips and tricks for packing light

For the gal who is sweating and struggling with multiple bags while in the airport terminal –– take a peek at these travel tips for nixing excess baggage.


Don’t get
weighed down

For the gal who is sweating and struggling with multiple bags while in the airport terminal — take a peek at these travel tips for nixing excess baggage.

Whether you’re on the move by plane, train or automobile, you’ll be hard pressed to find a gal who hasn’t learned the hard way the downfall of packing one too many bags.

After you take a peek at these tips for slimming down your traveling necessities, not only will you feel more at ease, but you’ll navigate airport security and hotel check-in like a pro.


Make a list… and check it twice

Keep a convenient checklist on hand of all of the items you will require for a specific trip. Be your own best friend by making the list ahead of time, then re-evaluating it at a later date to determine what should make the cut.

Consider using a handy app like Packing Pro (iTunes, $3). In addition to a categorized list that can be checked off as you pack, the app also provides information about temperature, laundry services and even food.


Pack classic pieces in neutral colors

Everyone’s going to know if you wear a neon yellow tank top twice. No one’s going to know the difference if you wear a LBD twice… as long as you style it differently. You can get a lot of use out of a single awesome pair of jeans, a few neutral-colored tops and a basic black dress as long as you pack some great statement shoes and accessories to keep each look fresh. Think in terms of outfits, and pack pieces that will mix and match well to get you through your whole trip.


Think double duty

Sure, you need shampoo, makeup, hair gel and other beauty items, but smaller versions of your favorites are necessary to keep excess baggage at a minimum. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to swap looking fab for practical options. Choose products that do double duty (i.e., they are great for travel and keep you looking like a stunner). Beauty products are the most obvious choice, but we also love fashion choices like foldable flats that look great with pants, shorts or dresses, or tunics that can be worn over tights around town or as cover-ups on the beach.


Travel nude

Beauty products are a major contributor to the overstuffed bag. We love bright-colored nail polish just as much as the next gal, but bold choices also call for frequent touch-ups. Paint your nails a neutral shade before jet setting and eliminate the need to pack nail care accessories. That way, if your polish does hit a snag, it won’t be quite as easy to spot.


Be smart about bags and shoes

Put outfits together ahead of time to minimize excess clothing making its way into your suitcase. Since bags and shoes take up so much room, plan on only taking one pair of flats, one pair of heels and one pair of athletic shoes. Based on your predetermined outfits, choose one evening bag that goes with all, and carry on your everyday handbag. If you plan on taking electronics, choose an oversized carry-on bag that will fit everything from your laptop to your water bottle and even a smaller day bag, if necessary.

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