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6 Reasons to buckle up your pooch while driving


More than 82 percent of pets travel with their owners. Keep them safe by buckling them up on the road.

Dog in seatbelt


It could be the law

States like New Jersey and California are considering a pet seat belt law. Within this law, the state requires that your pooch be securely buckled when going on a joy ride. Meant to keep dogs from being a driver distraction, this law would require up to $1,000 fine and considered animal cruelty if ignored. Check your state for specific requirements about your pooch.



Dogs are more of a distraction than your cell phone. With interest in the road and sitting in your lap, an unsecured dog could cause you to get into an accident. If Fido is buckled in a safety harness available on Amazon, your eyes can stay on the road and not on him.


Accident prone

The average weight of a male Labrador retriever is 65 to 80 pounds. Now imagine that flying! According to Bark Buckle UP, a dog can weigh up to 2,700 pounds when flying at the speed of 35 mph. Not only will this hurt the animal, but also the people that the dog hits while flying. Keep your pooch buckled up with a seat belt strap from PetSmart for $7 to help keep him restrained if you are in an accident.


Pet injury

Keeping your large pooch in a regular seat belt will aid in preventing his own injury. With sudden stops, standing dogs and the unknown conditions of the road, your dog can easily injure himself in the car. Not to mention, an accident, which could allow him to fly through the window if he is sitting shotgun.


Outside conditions

Your pet can get even more injured when he’s in the bed of a truck — increment weather and people can easily hurt the pup hanging in the back. Buckle-Up-Pup offers a harness system ranging from $55 to $70 that will keep your pooch restrained to the bed of the truck. With a variety of colors, this will keep your pup from moving (or hitting) side to side when riding in the back.


Small details

Little pets can get injured the most in a moving vehicle. In a SUV, there are a lot of places your littlest pet can hide. Keep petite pups restrained in a dog car seat available from Doctors Foster and Smith for $70. Not only will your pet be restrained, you won’t forget about or loose it.

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