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Beauty tips for summer brides

All brides want to their best on their wedding day. If you are getting married soon, follow these simple makeup and skincare tips to beat the heat and look beautiful at your summer wedding.

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Bridal makeup tips

One of Chicago’s top wedding makeup artists Elise Brill, known as Leesi B., shares with us some hot beauty tips for summer brides. If you are a bride-to-be, these tips from Leesi B. will help you look great on your wedding day.

  • Go easy on tanning. A dark tan will look harsh in photos; consider a subtle bronzer instead. Most bridal gowns are strapless these days, so beware of acquiring tan lines in the weeks before the wedding.
  • You don’t need tons of makeup to photograph well, but you do need extra definition. Emphasize and balance your eyes and lips.
  • Resist the temptation to experiment with new facial treatments and products in the month before the wedding. You may end up with a poorly timed break-out.
  • Before applying foundation, apply a transparent primer. It will form a barrier between your skin and makeup, so makeup won’t melt off in the heat or seep into your pores.
  • Consider wearing artificial lashes to define your eyes, especially if you’re over 30 (lashes start thinning as women mature). But be sure they’re applied with waterproof glue, so they won’t “shed” if you cry or perspire.
  • Do your hair before makeup. Blow dryers can wreak havoc on a freshly made-up face.
  • Avoid trendy eye shadows; they make photos look dated later. Leesi recommends placing a wash of frosted color on the lid, with matching matte color on the brow.
  • To make lips stand out, choose a slightly — just slightly — darker lipstick than usual.
  • Unless your teeth are very white, avoid coral and orange shades; yellow tones in lipstick makes teeth look yellow as well.
  • Take a few days off from makeup before the wedding; give your skin a rest.
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep (if you can)! Nothing helps your skin more.
  • No matter what your budget is, invest in a good photographer. This is one component of your wedding that will last beyond one day.

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Bridal skincare tips

Of course looking picture perfect on your wedding day isn’t just about your makeup routine. You need to start good skincare habits well in advance of your weddings.

Reduce your intake of sugar, alcohol and salt. Sugar molecules can hook on to collagen fibers, causing your face to look wrinkled and saggy. Alcohol can cause a blotchy complexion and swollen skin. And salt causes the body to retain water, leading to puffiness.

Eat plenty of foods that are rich in antioxidants, which are great for your skin. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to clean and hydrate your skin from the inside out.

Develop a regular skincare routine that includes a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Exfoliate your skinat least once a month. You can also consider microdermabrasion treatments a month or more prior to your wedding to really rejuvenate skin.

Beauty tips

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