Steal the look: Mary Kate Olsen

Wonder twin Mary Kate Olsen always looks carelessly cool and gorgeous. How does she do it? Find out how to steal her makeup look.

Get inspired and steal the look

Mary Kate Olsen knows how to pick the outfits, as well as how to get her makeup just right.Mary Kate's daring, sexy look Here is how to get Mary Kate’s daring, sexy look.

1. First off, cover up any blemishes — as well as any shiny parts — with a concealer. A tip is to get two different concealers, or, ideally, one concealer that includes that has two different colors: green to cover up any redness or red spots and yellow to cover up the blue areas under the eyes. A personal favorite is E Funkhouser’s Concealer + Eye base. This one has three different colors — use the third one to blend with the others and get the perfect nuance just for your skin tone.

Apply a base shadow on the entire eyelid, followed by a dark grey that you apply on and under the lid. Even out any edges but don’t bother making it look totally perfect, as you are going for a bit of a neglected look. Max Factor’s Duo shadow is made up of one grey-silvery shade and a dark grey one.


3. Mark out your eyes with a black eye pencil that you put on the inner eyelids. Apply several layers of mascara. Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara is just perfect for this look.


4. Make your eyebrows look full and wild with an eyebrow shadow. Elizabeth Arden has a very nice product called Brow Shaper.


5. Mark your lips with a red lip liner. The Christian Dior line offers some great nuances. Powder your lips a bit — this will keep the lipstick on longer. Then apply a hot red lipstick (MAC offers the greatest variety of colors) and you’re good to go!

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