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Fun games and activities to keep kids busy and happy are just a click away! Find printable fun on the internet at no cost!

Just click and print!
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Fun games and activities to keep kids busy and happy are just a click away! With free printable pages, smart moms can keep their kids occupied and entertained with activities that are both fun and educational.

Click on a website to print up kid-sized fun!

There are a range of printable activities just a click away — coloring pages and easy games like connect-the-dots, holiday-themed games and activities, and learning games for spelling, math, geography and history disguised as play! Your kids will enjoy the variety of crafts, art and music projects too. It’s a simple and free way to banish boredom and have an answer when your child says, “I have nothing to do!”

Where to look

The internet is a wonderful source for activities and games to delight kids. Many educators use sources on the web and the sites they frequent are available to everyone. The Kidz Page and ABC Teach have skill-building worksheets and games, and our own SheKnows printable pages offer holiday-inspired coloring sheets throughout the year — Mother’s and Father’s Day too! Our optical illusion and maze puzzles are challenging fun for children of all ages. Flash cards and counting games are a playful way to teach little ones their numbers, and kids like other printable puzzles — try our Tangled Lines and Match the Puppies! There are even playtime Lego cutouts to print.

Age appropriate

Most sites let you search for fun games and activities by the child’s age, so you’ll find it easy to select games that your child will enjoy and be challenged by, but that are appropriate for their skill level. Smaller kids will be delighted with interesting new pages to color and simple craft projects. Even tiny hands can make tissue paper flowers or color in the American flag. Toddlers enjoy coloring by numbers, and this game will also help them build their counting skills. There are lots of word-scramble games too — simple ones for the younger set and a bit more challenging ones for grade and middle-school aged kids.

There are printable maps of the country that are fun for kids to color and can be marked with locations — home, grandma’s house or where other relatives and friends live, places they’ve been or hope to visit. Young children enjoy identifying “what’s wrong with this picture?” on printable pages that illustrate several “like” items and one that doesn’t fit the category. It’s a game, but also helps them with reasoning and concentration. Choose pages where kids fill in a missing word, connect the dots to form an image or tackle a puzzle or word scramble.

Refine your internet search to “crafts for kids” and you’ll find even more fun —  a mobile to put together with printable pieces, a card game with printable cards and a number of easy crafts to make with just some colored construction paper and glue.

You can also find alphabet and counting games for the small ones. Coloring and copying their letters and numbers will keep them busy and subtly teach them recognition. While they play, they’ll be building skills in reading and math!

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