13 Spooky Halloween Decor Pieces from Ikea

by Justina Huddleston
Oct 3, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

I love Halloween and getting the house all gussied up in the spookiest trappings I can find — bring on the cobwebs and as many jack-o'-lanterns you can fit on your porch, say I! What I don't love? The amount of money most Halloween decorations cost these days and the amount of storage I use up on seasonal decor.

That's where Ikea comes in.

While the Scandinavian home decor superstore doesn't have a Halloween section per se, it has plenty of affordable accent pieces that can bring dark and dreadful drama to your home, from the living room to the front porch.

Even better, because they're more subtle, when the spookiest season of the year is over, you can integrate these pieces with the rest of your decor, freeing up some of the storage space you usually dedicate to your holiday items.

1 /13: Duvträd throw

1/13 :Duvträd throw

Orange and black, this throw blanket is just right for snuggling under while watching scary movies. (Ikea, $13)

2 /13: Stabbig lantern

2/13 :Stabbig lantern

Punched black metal casts eerie shadows on the wall when you place a candle inside. (Ikea, $25)

3 /13: Fado table lamp

3/13 :Fado table lamp

The dark glow given off from this lamp evokes Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. (Ikea, $20)

4 /13: Märit table runner

4/13 :Märit table runner

Bring some goth style to your dining room with this textured black table runner. (Ikea, $5)

5 /13: Mattram cushion

5/13 :Mattram cushion

Covered in mischievous black cats, this cushion will add some Halloween flair to any room. (Ikea, $4)

6 /13: Kornig candles

6/13 :Kornig candles

Imprinted with a lace pattern, these red candles are dark and glamorous. (Ikea, $8) 

7 /13: Stunsig cushion cover, wolf

7/13 :Stunsig cushion cover, wolf

Printed with wolves and ravens, this cushion cover adds a decidedly dark vibe to your decor. (Ikea, $6)

8 /13: Björksnäs tea light holder

8/13 :Björksnäs tea light holder

Cluster these smoky tea light candle holders around your home for a moody look. (Ikea, $3)

9 /13: Mattram curtains

9/13 :Mattram curtains

Bedecked with black cats, these curtains are cute and spooky all at once. (Ikea, $25)

10 /13: Stunsig pillowcase & duvet, rose