23 Statement Mirrors Your Home (& Your Budget) Will Love

Oct 7, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. ET
Statement Mirrors Your Home
Image: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz/Getty Images.

Anyone who’s dedicated a little time and effort to decorating their home has probably heard the sentence “Mirrors can really transform a space.” And they definitely can; mirrors offer added elegance that can elevate any room, and their reflective nature helps open up spaces that otherwise feel cramped. The issue is if you’re not careful, mirrors can really transform a credit card bill too.

But all hope is not lost — at least it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of stunning decorative mirrors you can find on the cheap. It just requires a little (OK, a lot of) effort.

My friend’s boyfriend has solved the statement mirror dilemma by bargain hunting on Craigslist. This year, he’s amassed three floor-length mirrors — all incredibly pretty and all for less than $100. Flea markets and thrift shops are also likely full of these efficient finds. But some of us have neither the time nor desire to hit up brick-and-mortar stores or meet with Craigslist vendors. What are we to do?

I’ve spent the last week scouring the internet for decorative mirrors that won’t break the bank, and I’m here to tell you: They’re out there. There’s not a ton of them (most mirrors look as expensive — or inexpensive — as they are), but they exist. And I’ve compiled 23 of my favorites in this slideshow.

Flip through the following photos to find genuinely elegant decorative mirrors you can snag for $150 or less. Whether your home feels classic, graphic, contemporary, bohemian or something else entirely, you’re sure to find a statement mirror that’ll do right by you, your space and your wallet.

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1 /23: Natural Bone Sunburst Mirror

Natural Bone Sunburst Mirror
Image: World Market.

1/23 :Natural Bone Sunburst Mirror

2 /23: Farrah Mirror

Farrah Mirror
Image: Anthropologie.

2/23 :Farrah Mirror

3 /23: Decorative Wall Mirror

3/23 :Decorative Wall Mirror

4 /23: Kit Round Mirror

Kit Round Mirror
Image: CB2.

4/23 :Kit Round Mirror

5 /23: Rustic Wood Wall Mirror

Rustic Wood Wall Mirror
Image: Target.

5/23 :Rustic Wood Wall Mirror

6 /23: Nova Iridescent Mirror

Nova Iridescent Mirror
Image: Urban Outfitters.

6/23 :Nova Iridescent Mirror

7 /23: Chained Prisma Mirror

Chained Prisma Mirror
Image: Anthropologie.

7/23 :Chained Prisma Mirror

8 /23: Round Coconut Shell Wall Mirror

Round Coconut Shell Wall Mirror
Image: World Market.

8/23 :Round Coconut Shell Wall Mirror

9 /23: Tiger Wooden Mirror

Tiger Wooden Mirror
Image: Urban Outfitters.

9/23 :Tiger Wooden Mirror

10 /23: Peruvian Sunburst Mirror

10/23 :Peruvian Sunburst Mirror

11 /23: Round White Bead Mirror

Round White Bead Mirror
Image: World Market.

11/23 :Round White Bead Mirror

12 /23: Cassia Mirror

Cassia Mirror
Image: Anthropologie.

12/23 :Cassia Mirror

13 /23: Rattan Sunburst Mirror

Rattan Sunburst Mirror
Image: World Market.

13/23 :Rattan Sunburst Mirror

14 /23: Color-Washed Mirror

Color Washed Mirror
Image: Anthropologie.

14/23 :Color-Washed Mirror

15 /23: Round Geometric Gold Mirror

Round Geometric Gold Mirror
Image: World Market.

15/23 :Round Geometric Gold Mirror

16 /23: Rattan Round Floral Mirror

Rattan Round Floral Mirror
Image: World Market.

16/23 :Rattan Round Floral Mirror

17 /23: Segovia Whitewashed Mirror

Segovia Whitewashed Mirror
Image: World Market.

17/23 :Segovia Whitewashed Mirror

18 /23: Peruvian Round Mirror

18/23 :Peruvian Round Mirror

19 /23: Octagon Framed Mirror

Octagon Framed Mirror
Image: Target.

19/23 :Octagon Framed Mirror

20 /23: Natural Segovia Mirror

Natural Segovia Mirror
Image: World Market.

20/23 :Natural Segovia Mirror

21 /23: Silver Decorative Mirror

21/23 :Silver Decorative Mirror

22 /23: Round Natural-Edge Mirror

Round Natural Edge Mirror
Image: World Market.

22/23 :Round Natural-Edge Mirror

23 /23: Sunburst Rustic Mirror

Sunburst Rustic Mirror
Image: Target.

23/23 :Sunburst Rustic Mirror