These Shower Curtains Are the Easiest Way to Transform Your Bathroom

by SheKnows
Jun 13, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. ET
The best shower curtains
Image: Getty Images/Design: Kenzie Mastroe/SheKnows

Redecorating is always fun, but let's be honest — most of us don't have the spare change for a spontaneous bathroom renovation whenever the desire to redecorate strikes. Luckily, you don't have to retile your floor or get rid of that builder-grade vanity to make a big design impact.

Our favorite way to change the look of our bathrooms is to spring for a new shower curtain. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and it's an impermanent change that's ideal for renters or those who just don't feel like getting involved in a full-scale reno. If you constantly find yourself itching to give your home a makeover, shower curtains are a great choice too — you can swap them out as often as you like, so changing up your design is as simple as can be.

From traditional florals to bold iridescent shimmer, these are some of our favorite shower curtains.

1 /11: Allover Fruits Shower Curtain

1/11 :Allover Fruits Shower Curtain

2 /11: Hanging Plant Shower Curtain

2/11 :Hanging Plant Shower Curtain

3 /11: Iridescent Shower Curtain

3/11 :Iridescent Shower Curtain

4 /11: Karla Cement Shower Curtain

4/11 :Karla Cement Shower Curtain

5 /11: Quiet Town Home Shower Curtain — Marfa

5/11 :Quiet Town Home Shower Curtain — Marfa

6 /11: Khristian A. Howell Une Femme Floral Shower Curtain

6/11 :Khristian A. Howell Une Femme Floral Shower Curtain

7 /11: Lia Palm Shower Curtain

7/11 :Lia Palm Shower Curtain

8 /11: Liron Tufted Shower Curtain

8/11 :Liron Tufted Shower Curtain

9 /11: Pastel Mermaid Scales Shower Curtain

9/11 :Pastel Mermaid Scales Shower Curtain

10 /11: The Emily & Meritt Bed of Roses Shower Curtain

10/11 :The Emily & Meritt Bed of Roses Shower Curtain

11 /11: Wildflowers Shower Curtain

11/11 :Wildflowers Shower Curtain