Celebs You Probably Don't Know Have Home Decor Lines

by Julie Sprankles
May 11, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Catherine Zeta-Jones Home Line
Image: Getty Images/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

Raise your hand if you're an HGTV junkie. Now, raise your other hand if you're also a pop-culture fanatic. Both hands raised? Same. When you need a daily fix of both interior design and entertainment news, it's impossible not to occasionally merge the two and wonder what your favorite stars' home aesthetic must be like. Like, is it too late to reboot Cribs but make it more for grown-ups this go-round? 'Cause that would be super. 

Until then, we must resign ourselves to poring over celebrity homes on the pages of magazines or in the occasional video tour online. Plus, since most of us can't afford to hire the stylists the stars do (or drop a cool grand on a throw pillow), we have to lean heavily on our creativity if we want to emulate their enviable interior design. 

But praise be, some celebrities have decided to do us all a solid and launch their own home lines. So, if you're in search of a little star style for your own abode, take note of the following famous "designers." 

1 /12: Reese Witherspoon

1/12 :Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon's Draper James brand doesn't just include preppy sundresses and pretty Southern-inspired accessories. The Nashville native has expanded her line to include equally pretty and preppy home decor, like this cheeky "Howdy" doormat.

"Howdy" doormat, $45 at Draper James

2 /12: Jessica Simpson

2/12 :Jessica Simpson

We suspect the reason you don't see Jessica Simpson on-screen or onstage much anymore is due to the star's rapidly expanding empire of branded goods. Case in point? Her Jessica Simpson Home collaboration with Bed Bath & Beyond, which includes home decor and accessories with a country streets-meet-boho-chic vibe.

Comforter set, $129.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

3 /12: Lauren Conrad

3/12 :Lauren Conrad

She sure has come a long way since her Laguna Beach days! Lauren Conrad continues to build her soft, feminine lifestyle brand — adding to the mix a super-sweet and delicate bedding line for Kohl's. Think cozy fabrics, frills and Conrad's trademark girly aesthetic.

Victorian coverlet, $97.99 at Kohl's

4 /12: Cindy Crawford

4/12 :Cindy Crawford

Having launched her Cindy Crawford Home Collection for Rooms to Go way back in 2009, this supermodel may just have kicked off the trend of celebrity home decor collabs. It's no wonder she's achieved such longevity in the endeavor — her line's neutral color palette and classic lines undoubtedly lend universal appeal. 

Three-piece sectional, $1,999 at Rooms to Go

5 /12: Iman

5/12 :Iman

Was there ever any doubt that Iman has impeccable taste? The stunning model and entrepreneur shows off her keen eye for color with a bold global-inspired textile line that is a study in travel chic. These fabrics aren't sold online, but you can find a store that carries them here.

6 /12: Michelle Williams

6/12 :Michelle Williams

When she's not executing fierce choreography onstage during Destiny's Child reunions, Williams teams up with Evine to turn out the bright and beautiful Believe at Home by Michelle Williams bedding collection. 

Duvet cover set, $38.97 at Evine

7 /12: Sofía Vergara

7/12 :Sofía Vergara

Like Cindy Crawford, Sofía Vergara decided to launch her home decor line with Rooms to Go. If you love the luxe look, this collection could be your dream come true. You can expect high-quality fabrics like leather and velvet and lavish details like tufting and nailhead trim.

Monaco sofa, $755 at Rooms to Go

8 /12: Brad Pitt

8/12 :Brad Pitt

You've got to give it to Brad Pitt — he's got the soul of an artist, and his collaboration with furniture maker Frank Pollaro proves it. The line's unique pieces are designed by Pitt, crafted by Pollaro and chock-full of architectural interest. You'll have to custom-order one of these pieces because they aren't sold online or in stores. 

9 /12: Catherine Zeta-Jones

9/12 :Catherine Zeta-Jones

If you've ever been curious about Catherine Zeta-Jones' design style, well, you no longer have to wonder. Judging by the actor's home collection for QVC (cleverly called Casa Zeta-Jones, get it?), her aesthetic is a blend of glamour and femininity with a dash of her Welsh heritage thrown in for good measure. 

Rose blanket, $44.50 at QVC

10 /12: Ellen DeGeneres

10/12 :Ellen DeGeneres

Everyone loves Ellen DeGeneres! And we're going to go out on a limb and predict everyone who is made aware of her home line for Bed Bath & Beyond will love it too. Not only does it boast the same effortless style and cool classicism the star herself has, but it is also really affordable. Score!

Puppy Love shower curtain, $39.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

11 /12: Trisha Yearwood

11/12 :Trisha Yearwood

She's got skills, y'all! Country superstar Trisha Yearwood's down-home lifestyle brand includes the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection — a truly beautiful selection of furniture and home decor featuring classic colors and traditional charm. These pieces aren't sold online, but you can find a store that carries them here

12 /12: Lenny Kravitz

12/12 :Lenny Kravitz

Leave it to Lenny Kravitz to design the kind of furniture that makes you feel like a rock star in your own home. An offshoot of his Kravitz Design brand, the impossibly hip musician joined forces with CB2 to offer a drool-inducing array of pieces that are at once soft and sexy, hard yet sophisticated. 

Console table, $999 at CB2