The Unexpected Color Combo We're Loving for Spring

Apr 13, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Rust and Royal Blue Decor
Image: Domino

Travel is a huge source of home decor inspiration for team Domino, and visuals director Meghan McNeer found her new favorite color combo on a recent trip out west: cobalt and terra-cotta — a saturated take on sky and land.

Originally published on Domino.

1 /10: 'Sky Lot,' Meghan McNeer

Sky Lot, Meghan McNeer
Image: Meghan McNeer

1/10 :'Sky Lot,' Meghan McNeer

2 /10: Raw Lamp

Raw Lamp

2/10 :Raw Lamp

3 /10: 'Yves Klein'

Rust and Royal Blue Decor:
Image: Artbook

3/10 :'Yves Klein'

4 /10: Bubble Side Table

Bubble Side Table
Image: Steven Bukowski

4/10 :Bubble Side Table

5 /10: Eva Armchair

Eva Armchair
Image: Gustavo Bittencourt

5/10 :Eva Armchair

6 /10: Ridge Kitchen Pitcher

Ridge Kitchen Pitcher
Image: Wilder

6/10 :Ridge Kitchen Pitcher

7 /10: Oaxacan Red Clay Cups

Oaxacan Red Clay Cups

7/10 :Oaxacan Red Clay Cups

8 /10: Klein Blue Series

Klein Blue Series
Image: BZippy & Co.

8/10 :Klein Blue Series

9 /10: Ferdaws Throw

Ferdaws Throw
Image: LRNCE

9/10 :Ferdaws Throw

10 /10: Azalea Silk Nightgown

Azalea Silk Nightgown
Image: Homeism

10/10 :Azalea Silk Nightgown