The Spring Decor Trends Taking Over Pinterest

by Julie Sprankles
Apr 5, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Spring Decor Trends Pinterest 2018
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Ah, spring! Finally, the season of fresh starts is upon us. It's the time of year when we all desire new beginnings, and the home front feels like the most logical place to start. Of course, most of us seek out the same source of inspiration: Pinterest. Pinning peaks when you're on the hunt for your next big design endeavor, right? 

Not surprisingly, there’s no shortage of ideas on Pinterest either. In December 2017, the inspo-heavy site released its annual list of the top trends to try in the new year — and those trends are already making a huge splash on spring’s interior design imprint.

You’ve seen them whether you realized it or not. They’re practically taking over Pinterest, making it impossible not to sit up and take note. So if spring-cleaning and a bit of design magic are on your agenda in the coming months, don’t miss the following trends being pinned like crazy right now.

1 /15: Boho Embellishments

1/15 :Boho Embellishments

Boho is here in a big way — think throw pillows and blankets lined with fringe, driftwood accents and chunky textures like everyone's new nostalgic favorite, macramé. Perfect example? Bloggers Chris and Julia of the aptly titled Chris Loves Julia blog nailed the look with their living room makeover. 

2 /15: Bone Inlay

2/15 :Bone Inlay

Bone inlay boasts a unique mix of organic appeal and global glamour. So, really, what's not to love? According to Pinterest's projection of the top trends to try in 2018, saves for bone inlay have spiked by 207 percent in recent months. Decor companies quickly caught onto this increasing fascination and have rolled out everything from bone inlay trays to dressers. 

3 /15: Inky Blues

3/15 :Inky Blues

Prepare to be swept off your feet by one mesmerizing shade: inky blue. This sophisticated yet easy hue keeps popping up on walls, in accents and more. One look at this dreamy bedroom-and-workspace combo by Belgian design house Coco Lapine should leave no shadow of a doubt that the inky blue trend deserves every bit of infatuation it gets. 

4/15 :Ombre

Raise your hand if you're glad ombré is here to stay (*raises both hands*). There's something inherently elegant about this gradient design style, but in a way that feels unfussy and effortlessly cool. Thanks to DIY advice from blogs like Stagetecture — and even adhesive wall murals — you can get the look too. 

Adhesive wall mural, $260 at LoveColoray/Etsy

5/15 :Mixed Metals

Can we all agree it's about time mixing metals got some cool cred? The trend has been slowly growing in popularity over the last few years, but it's seen a major boost in recent months. Per Pinterest, saves of mixed metals pins are up 423 percent! If you're itching to try out the style, consider this kitchen your dose of inspiration. 

6/15 :Farmhouse Chic

Fans of HGTV's beloved series Fixer Upper likely won't be surprised at all by this style's dominance — farmhouse chic is a page straight out of Joanna Gaines' playbook. When you're ready to emulate the look, invest in design elements like rustic wood, distressed finishes, muted tones and ceramic stoneware. Shabby Desert Nest designer Jaclyn Hodge offers a cozy example in her master bedroom. 

7 /15: Patterned Plants

2018 Spring Decor Trends Patterned Plants
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7/15 :Patterned Plants

If you've always dreamed of having a green thumb, there's no time like the present for cultivating your finesse with foliage... especially since patterned plant pin saves have jumped 544 percent. This trend-in-bloom goes beyond basic houseplants to center on plants naturally imbued with patterns, such as watermelon peperomia, zebra plant and the red polka dot. 

8 /15: Spa Bathroom

8/15 :Spa Bathroom

Listen, the world is a bit of a hot mess right now. Who wouldn't want a lovely reprieve at the end of the day in the form of a relaxing spa session? Moreover, who wouldn't want that spa to be in their home? It's really no wonder pins tagged with "spa bathrooms" are being saved 269 percent more than normal lately. With this bright space, interior designer Hannah Cushman of Lawless Design shows off a drool-inducing version of modern spa style. 

9 /15: Pampas Grass Accents

9/15 :Pampas Grass Accents

Pampas grass doesn't get nearly enough attention if you ask us, which is why we couldn't be more pleased to see it, well, everywhere this spring. Country Living contributing editor Heather Bullard captured the plant's essence best by calling it "the unofficial flower for men." Plus, by placing hers in a stoneware vase, Ballard keeps the look on-trend. 

10 /15: Wall Art

10/15 :Wall Art

Why, yes, wall art has always been around. However, the minimalist aesthetic occasionally takes precedent with its proclivity for blank spaces. Don't fret, though — such isn't the case this spring. Pinterest lovers can't get enough of large posters and graphic prints! In fact, big wall art pins are being saved a whopping 637 percent more frequently. 

11 /15: Pops of Color

11/15 :Pops of Color

There's no denying bright-white spaces reign supreme on social media these days, but Pinterest users clearly crave pops of color too. Pastels are particularly popular, but vibrant hues like mustard yellow and deep teal also offer a pleasing juxtaposition when paired with light walls and muted furnishings. 

12 /15: Terrazzo

12/15 :Terrazzo

Mandy Moore steals hearts each week as the family matriarch on This Is Us. But did you know that in addition to being the coolest TV mom ever she also has an eye for design? As proof, we offer exhibit A: terrazzo! Moore used the once-forgotten material in the renovation of her mid-century modern home, and the results speak for themselves. Perhaps she's partially responsible for terrazzo pins being saved 316 percent more so far this year. 

13 /15: Tone on Tone

13/15 :Tone on Tone

Although bright pops and inky-blue hues are undeniably in this spring, so is interior design built on layering one color or using only black and white. If you need to be convinced that going monochrome doesn't mean sacrificing interest, check out this master bedroom designed by Patterns and Prosecco's Neelam.

14 /15: Statement Ceilings

14/15 :Statement Ceilings

Statement ceiling pins are on the climb, up 310 percent in popularity. And you know what? We dig it. The ceiling offers a rarely utilized blank space — a "fifth wall," so to speak. You can't really go wrong with this conversation-starting idea, whether you paint your ceiling in a stark matte black or add a whimsical pattern

15 /15: Big Green Plants

15/15 :Big Green Plants

Following a long, cold winter, it's only natural to dream of all the tropical things. This craving has obviously carried over into the season's design trends as well. You'll see this more and more on your Pinterest feed in the coming months by way of oversize palm leaves in vases and breezy hues like turquoise and maize.