The Spring Decor Trends Taking Over Pinterest

Apr 5, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Spring Decor Trends Pinterest 2018
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Ah, spring! Finally, the season of fresh starts is upon us. It's the time of year when we all desire new beginnings, and the home front feels like the most logical place to start. Of course, most of us seek out the same source of inspiration: Pinterest. Pinning peaks when you're on the hunt for your next big design endeavor, right? 

Not surprisingly, there’s no shortage of ideas on Pinterest either. In December 2017, the inspo-heavy site released its annual list of the top trends to try in the new year — and those trends are already making a huge splash on spring’s interior design imprint.

You’ve seen them whether you realized it or not. They’re practically taking over Pinterest, making it impossible not to sit up and take note. So if spring-cleaning and a bit of design magic are on your agenda in the coming months, don’t miss the following trends being pinned like crazy right now.

1 /15: Boho Embellishments

1/15 :Boho Embellishments

2 /15: Bone Inlay

2/15 :Bone Inlay

3 /15: Inky Blues

3/15 :Inky Blues

4/15 :Ombre

5/15 :Mixed Metals

6/15 :Farmhouse Chic

7 /15: Patterned Plants

2018 Spring Decor Trends Patterned Plants
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7/15 :Patterned Plants

8 /15: Spa Bathroom

8/15 :Spa Bathroom

9 /15: Pampas Grass Accents

9/15 :Pampas Grass Accents

10 /15: Wall Art

10/15 :Wall Art

11 /15: Pops of Color

11/15 :Pops of Color

12 /15: Terrazzo

12/15 :Terrazzo

13 /15: Tone on Tone

13/15 :Tone on Tone

14 /15: Statement Ceilings

14/15 :Statement Ceilings

15 /15: Big Green Plants

15/15 :Big Green Plants