12 Paint Color Combinations Here to Inspire a Refresh

Mar 29, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET
A living room with bright, blue walls
Image: Getty Images

We've done our fair share of reporting on paint trends and the colors you should be decorating with, and for those who find themselves inclined to revamp their space, the process usually begins with the selection of a single hue. Decoratively speaking, it's relatively easy to go from there, especially if you're working with a minimalist or traditional scheme. But, for those feeling up to the challenge of embracing a medley of new colors, we're here with some sage advice.

When it comes to pairing colors with one another, there are a handful of ways to go about it. You have the classic combos (pink and blue), high-contrast (black and white) and the unexpected (yellow and purple). So how, exactly, does one make it work? That's where we come in. We set out to unearth the duos (and trios) that will instill a major refresh within your home. From the bold and the avant-garde to the classic-yet-statementworthy neutrals, take a peek at the hues we'll be bringing home this year.

Originally published on Domino.

1 /12: Blue + Blue

Blue + Blue contrasting colors
Image: Stephen Kent Johnson

1/12 :Blue + Blue

2 /12: White + Terra-Cotta

White + Terra-Cotta contrasting colors
Image: Brittany Ambridge

2/12 :White + Terra-Cotta

3 /12: Blue + Cream

Blue + Cream  contrasting colors
Image: Joe Fletcher

3/12 :Blue + Cream

4 /12: Green + White

Green geometric pattern on bathroom wall
Image: Michael Wiltbank

4/12 :Green + White

5 /12: Black + Yellow + White

Black walls with yellow + white striped ceiling
Image: Melanie Acevedo

5/12 :Black + Yellow + White

6 /12: Pink + Pink

pink striped walls
Image: Louise Desrosiers

6/12 :Pink + Pink

7 /12: Earthy Tones

Earth tone paint scheme
Image: Courtesy Of Pierre Hermé & L'Occitane/Architect: Laura Gonzalez/Mural Frescoes: Atelier Roma

7/12 :Earthy Tones

8 /12: Blue + Yellow

Yellow Dutch door with light blue wall
Image: Brittany Ambridge

8/12 :Blue + Yellow

9 /12: Pink + Purple + Orange

Orange and Purple Color Block Paint Scheme
Image: Jeremy Liebman

9/12 :Pink + Purple + Orange

10 /12: Red + White + Blue(ish)

Blue and white wall with red accent piece
Image: Anna Kocharian

10/12 :Red + White + Blue(ish)

11 /12: Yellow + Purple

Yellow walls with purple baseboard and carpet
Image: Photography By Philppe Servant/Courtesy Of Dimore Studio

11/12 :Yellow + Purple

12 /12: Pink + Blue

Bedroom With Pink Walls With Blue Ceiling
Image: Nikole Ramsay

12/12 :Pink + Blue