The Unique Design Trend That Will Cost You Under $50

by Justina Huddleston
Apr 3, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. ET

We're always looking for quick design fixes that don't require any actual home renovation or pricey new furniture. That's why when we get the itch to remake our space, we start looking at the walls first. Just one can of paint can totally transform a room. Half-painted walls are the latest trend we can't get enough of, the perfect way to add a new design element to your home without spending too much time or money on getting it right.

How do you achieve the fun look that's popping up on some of the trendiest home decor blogs? First, choose a color. For a subtle change, match pastels with light-colored walls; for a bolder look, choose a bright or dark contrasting color. You can use painter's tape to keep the paint line perfectly straight or you can freehand it for a softer, more organic look.

Play with the proportions too. You can split the wall perfectly in half horizontally, or paint just the top or bottom third of the wall.

Whether you're looking for a totally new look in a favorite room or just want to update a design you already love, half-painted walls are the solution to your home decor woes. Here are a few of our favorite examples.

1 /8: Half-Painted Dining Room

1/8 :Half-Painted Dining Room

We love how a swipe of dark color gives this rustic dining room a moody feel. It makes the lighter colors in the room really pop.

2 /8: Half-Painted Pink Bedroom

2/8 :Half-Painted Pink Bedroom

Pink goes from overwhelming to soothing when it's applied to the lower half of your bedroom walls in an ultra-pale shade.

3 /8: Half-Painted Wall Mural

3/8 :Half-Painted Wall Mural

If solid paint isn't your style, you can make things bolder by creating a mural on your half-painted walls. Go as colorful or minimal as you please.

4 /8: Half-Pink, Half-Peach Walls

4/8 :Half-Pink, Half-Peach Walls

This trend works even if you don't have white walls. Here, a soft pink is half-painted onto peach walls to give this office space a warm, sunny glow.

5 /8: Light Blue Lower Cabinets

5/8 :Light Blue Lower Cabinets

When your entire wall is covered in cabinets, it can be hard to figure out how to add some character. Painting the lower cabinets blue then adding in a minimalist mural over both the painted and unpainted cabinets does the trick.

6 /8: Navy Blue Half-Painted Kids' Room

6/8 :Navy Blue Half-Painted Kids' Room

Dark navy blue adds some depth to this kids room without making the overall vibe too somber. It's a nice way to add color without making the room feel like a circus.

7 /8: Pale Blue Half-Painted Walls

7/8 :Pale Blue Half-Painted Walls

The light ice-blue lower half of these walls brings a subtle touch of color to brighten up the room.

8 /8: Half-Painted Yellow Bedroom

8/8 :Half-Painted Yellow Bedroom

If you don't love the geometric look, try painting half your walls without a full painter's tape guide around the room. Just use a few strips to mark the approximate height you're going for, then free-paint to your heart's desire.